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Youtube Music Releases a New Interface for Casting That Syncs Lyrics to the Music


A report says that the music streaming service YouTube Music is testing a new feature that will have live lyrics and a different user interface for casting. 9To5Google says that some users have seen this feature in their apps.

A Reddit user recently noticed a change in the user interface when casting YouTube Music from an Android phone to a Chromecast Ultra. The user suggested that the album art, song name, and artist be on the left side of the screen instead of in the middle.

The report says that it will likely be replaced with live lyrics that scroll with the current verse in white. Also, the background of the painting stayed fuzzy. Users can reportedly see a list of approved songwriters as soon as the song ends.

The Indian government said on Tuesday that three YouTube channels that were spreading false information had been shut down by the fact-checking unit of the Press Information Bureau (PIB). These channels had nearly 33 million subscribers, and over 30 million people watched their videos, almost all of which turned out to be fake.

This is the first time that PIB has taken action against specific YouTube channels as well as individual posts on social media that make false claims. Some of these are News Headlines, Sarkari Update, and Aaj Tak Live.

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The government said that these YouTube channels spread fake news about the Supreme Court of India, the Chief Justice of India, government programs, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), and farm loan waivers, among other things.

Some examples of fake news are the Supreme Court’s decision that paper ballots will be used in future elections, the government giving money to people who have bank accounts, Aadhar cards, and PAN cards, the ban on EVMs, and so on.

People noticed that the YouTube channels used fake, shocking thumbnails with the logos of TV channels and pictures of their news anchors to trick people into thinking that the news was real. It was also found that these channels put ads on their videos and making money off of spreading false information on YouTube.

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