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You will be surprised to know this thing related to Kumbhakaran, the younger brother of Ravana.

Today we will tell you some interesting facts about Ravana’s brother Kumbhakaran, knowing that you will be very surprised. Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Vibhishana were three brothers. Kumbhakarna was the younger brother of Ravana and he was very powerful.

So let’s know some such facts about which most people do not know. Kumbhakaran was such a person who was blessed by Brahmaji to sleep for 6 months. This is the time when the three brothers were doing severe penance to please Brahma.

Then Brahmaji was pleased and blessed these three brothers. Kumbhakarna was a very powerful and powerful person. There was no other warrior in the world who could defeat him. And by the grace of Brahma, he drank alcohol and slept for 6 months.

When Kumbhakaran came to know that Ravana had kidnapped Sita, he was very sad. Because he knew that Mother Sita was the wife of Lord Vishnu himself. Kumbhakaran was very well acquainted with Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and hence he tried to understand Ravana many times.

And also said that he will hand over Mata Sita to Lord Rama and will follow in the footsteps of Lord Rama. Kumbhakaran did not want a war with Lord Rama. But for the sake of his elder brother he took part in the war and died during the war.

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