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You don’t need to wander in the heat for cold water! These 5 bottles of cold water will keep you cool all day

The heat is not taking its name to stop and in such a situation, when you have to step out of the house in the scorching sun and scorching sun, then the situation becomes dire! Today we are going to tell you about five bottles in which water will remain ‘cold’ for 24 hours and with the help of this you will not have to wander outside for cold water. Let us know which bottles we are talking about, how much they cost and what is their specialty.

Eagle Primo Stella Stainless Steel Vacuum Water Bottle: Available on Amazon, this 500ml water bottle keeps water cool for several hours. It can be got in multiple colors, on Amazon it is priced at Rs. is 830. This water bottle can be bought with coupon discount of 8%.

Cello Maestro Stainless Steel Vacusteel Water Flask: This water flask from Cello comes with a capacity of 1000 ml and can be purchased from Cello’s website for Rs.1,020. Available in multiple colors and different capacities, it keeps water cool for up to 24 hours.

Warmio Hydra Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle: This 1500ml silver bottle keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours. You can buy this double walled bottle from Amazon for Rs 1,299.

Borosil Gasport Black: This bottle from well-known company Borosil is gorgeous to look at and also comes with double wall vacuum and copper coating. The 600 ml bottle can be purchased from Borosil’s website for Rs.829. It can keep water cold for up to 18 hours.

Milton Atlantis 900 Thermostat Water Bottle: You can buy this Milton bottle from Amazon for Rs.864 and it comes with a capacity of 750ml. It is leak proof and can keep water cold for several hours.

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