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With the help of Flipkart, Atypical Advantage has put its vision in the right place.

As India moves towards becoming a $5 trillion economy, the retail sector is the most promising sector to focus on this ambitious vision of power. And we know that many MSMEs in the country need innovative ways to realize their potential in this sector. For new-age retailers, the solution is obvious – e-commerce.

The marketplace model of e-commerce is specifically designed to empower small businesses, enabling them to scale up production on a large scale and reach customers across the country without any geographical constraints. And similarly Flipkart is helping in the development of small and medium sellers across the country and contributing to strengthen the country’s economy.

There are many stories that are inspiring small sellers on their next journey to fulfill their dreams and connect with customers across the country to take their business on the path of rapid growth.

To build and support a sustainable and inclusive platform for underserved home communities, Flipkart launched Flipkart Able in 2019. The community is mainly based on women-led enterprises and handicapped artisans. Flipkart Samarth is dedicated to empower those sections of the society who are deprived of basic amenities. Changing the world is part of their mission. It provides small businesses and start-up networking opportunities and a support network for entrepreneurs.

Today, Flipkart is able to contribute over 1 million livelihoods.

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