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With an Upcoming Software Update, Apple Will Enable Previously Unseen Sensors in the Homepod Mini, and Here’s What They’ll Do!

Apple released a new HomePod with a new feature last night. But the surprise is that this feature, which will let the smart speaker track the temperature and humidity in a room, is also coming to the HomePod mini. Reason? The small monitor is hiding something.

Do you have a HomePod mini? Do you know that it has a hidden sensor inside that has been sleeping since it came out? Up until now, that is. Apple has now decided to use a software update to turn on this sensor. Once it’s turned on, this secret sensor will let HomePod mini users record and keep track of the room’s temperature and humidity. Once the feature is turned on, you can ask Siri about the temperature and humidity by speaking to Siri.

Users of the HomePod mini are surprised to find that their smart speaker has been hiding such a useful feature all along. When it launched the second-generation HomePod on Wednesday night, Apple told the public about the feature. The new HomePod has the same sensor and will be able to do the same things.

Apple put temperature and humidity sensors in the HomePod mini when it was being made. But decided not to use it for some reason. Now that HomePod is coming back in 2023, Apple has finally turned on the features of the HomePod mini with the latest device update. So, if these built-in sensors made you want to buy the new HomePod, you might want to stop and fall in love with your existing HomePod mini again.

Reports say that Apple will soon turn on the sensors that are already built into the smart mini speaker. Apple’s website ad for HomePod Mini also talks about the new feature and says that the temperature and humidity sensor will help you build a “smart home hub.”

Users will have to update the software on their HomePod mini when the update comes out. It is likely to come out at the same time as iOS 16.3.

A Bloomberg report from the early days of the HomePod mini’s release said that it had a sensor inside that was not working. After a while, iFixit took apart the speaker and found the sensor. Apple says that once the HomePod mini is set up to track temperature and humidity, it will get this information from the air around it. The company says that to get the most accurate readings, users should ask Siri about the temperature or humidity when the speaker is not playing music.

The HomePod mini came out in 2020, and you can buy it from the Apple Online Store and from Apple stores in India right now. The smart speaker costs Rs 10,900. Even though it is small, it was praised for having great sound quality. The HomePod, which was just released, costs Rs 32,900.

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