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Will Vanraj Shah marry for the third time? this is viral video

After a long wait in Anupama serial, happiness has finally come in Anupama’s life. Anuj and Anupama’s marriage has gone through many difficulties and hurdles. Anupama got married and went to Anuj’s house. Many videos of the wedding were being shared on social media. The cast of the serial was sharing many videos of fun on the set on social media.

As soon as Anupama married Anuj, all the splendor of Vanraj ended. Till now Vanraj was thinking of divorcing Kavya. Soon after Anupama’s departure, Vanraj reversed his decision. This shows that Vanraj has shared a video on social media.

Recently, Madalsa Sharma and Sudhanshu Pandey have shared a video for the fans on social media. In this video, Vanraj is wearing an engagement ring to Kavya. After watching this video, fans are speculating that Vanraj is going to marry Kavya once again.

Even if you think so, it is not true. Madalsa Sharma and Sudhanshu Pandey are said to be following the trend on social media. There are many types of videos on social media these days. Like our page for interesting updates with Bollywood, TV and other actors.

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