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Will the XE variant lead to a new wave? Patients seen in 4 countries, 10 times ahead of Omicron in spread


Concerns are being raised around the world about a new type of coronavirus, XE. Meanwhile, the first such patient has also been found in India. However, the Union Health Ministry has denied reports that the first case of a new mutant was detected in Mumbai. At present, information is being gathered about this variant. At the same time, the victims of the new form did not show any serious symptoms.

What is XE Variant?
XE is a combination of a subset of Omicron (BA.1 and BA.2). Preliminary studies have shown that the XE variant has a growth rate of 9.8 percent compared to the BA.2. The BA.2 is also called the stealth variant. Here, the World Health Organization says that it can spread faster than the previous types.

How dangerous is Omicron?
According to studies, this variant spreads 10 times faster than the BA.2 sub-variant. This mutant may cause more problems in future due to its rapid spread. Also, there is a risk of a new wave of Kovid-19 due to this new type.

What do the experts say?
Dr. Gagandeep Kang of Christian Medical College, Vellore said that the new XE variant is not a cause for concern as it is unlikely to be more severe than other sub-variants of Omicron. “Let’s go because people are traveling. We know about the XE variant that this is not a cause for concern.

“We were concerned about BA.2, but it doesn’t spread disease more than BA.1,” he said. Type XE does not cause more severe disease than BA.1 or BA.2.

In which countries is XE found?
The XE Hybrid variant was first introduced in the UK on 19 January 2022. Since then, 637 new cases of this variant have been reported. Apart from Britain and India, his patients have been found in Thailand and New Zealand.

What are the features of the XE variant?
According to WHO, the XE version is currently being monitored as part of the Omron version. The patient suffers from symptoms similar to Omicron. It includes many symptoms including fever, sore throat, cold and cough.



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