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Will the fourth wave of Corona in India come with the new variant XE? Find the total number of variants.


Will the fourth wave of Corona in India come with the new variant XE? Find the total number of variants.

COVID-19 4th Wave: A new strain of corona virus has created a lot of concern. Along with the world, many types of SARs-COV-2 virus have come in India too. Recently, the new variant XE has made a splash in the world. Will XE virus come to India and what are the new types? You will know about this in the article.

Although corona restrictions have been lifted in many states due to low incidence of COVID-19, it is advisable to follow the COVID guidelines. The risk of corona in the country was decreasing as the new type of corona seen in World XE has raised concerns again. The WHO recently reported that the new mutant variant XE may be about 10 percent more infectious than Omicron’s subvariant BA.2.

When will the COVID-19 second wave stabilize?  experts weigh in
The availability of the new variant has raised concerns among health agencies. Some experts believe that if the new type spreads, it may cause a fourth wave (COVID-19 4th wave) in India, while some say that the new type is less likely to cause a fourth wave. . Now in such a situation it has become necessary for the common man to understand whether the fourth wave can come in India. If you also want to know this, then read the article till the end.

Will the XE variant of Kovid-19 come to India?
Just as many forms of corona have come to the fore in India, it cannot be denied that no new version can come. The reason is that foreign flights have started from India. It is possible that a tourist is infected with this virus and after coming to India, his initial report came negative and later the report of that virus came positive.

It is also not wrong to say that the XE variant may have arrived in India and the infected person is roaming around us. It is possible that an infected person may not have any symptoms of his own and report positive when he shows symptoms. But imagine how many people he would have spread the virus to by then?Trending News: COVID 4th wave: XE virus is 10 times more deadly than Omicron, before the fourth wave, understand its 5 mind blowing things - Hindustan News Hub

Just as the previous version of Corona did not pose more risk to India than Omicron, this version may not be at risk in India. But only time will tell.

exe version is not a concern
In a panel discussion organized by the Gupta-Klinsky India Institute at Johns Hopkins, virologist Gagandeep Kang said, “Variants will come because people are traveling now. As far as we know about the XE variant, it is not a cause for concern. We were worried about BA.2, but it turned out to be no more serious than BA.1. Even the XE variant does not cause more severe disease than BA.1 or BA.2 (Omicron’s sub-variant).’ He said that people who are vaccinated in India need not worry about this.

Could India be threatened in a new way?
Experts believe that a new wave of corona cannot be ruled out if precautions are not taken. The reason is that this virus is not over yet, it is constantly changing its form. But given the low risk of the previous version and the vaccination status in India, it can be said that if a new version comes, it will not be as dangerous as the first two waves.

Since the first wave of corona, people have started paying attention to their health and have adopted many methods to strengthen the immune system. If the incoming virus can also be defeated by a strong immune system, the chances of a fourth wave may be slim. But even after this, follow the rules related to corona because this virus can be defeated only with care.

These types have created havoc in India
Several types of SARs-CoV-2, known as coronaviruses, have been found in India. Over time, the virus changes its form and then becomes more lethal. According to the WHO, “When a virus replicates itself, it changes slightly. These changes are called mutations. Viruses with one or more new mutations are called variants of the original virus. Worldwide. There are several types of COVID-19 virus.Uncovered so far, such as:

XE: The new version of corona, XE, is a recombinant strain of Omicron’s 2 sublineages BA.1 and BA.2. Given the current situation, it is difficult to say how dangerous this variant will be. Such cases have been reported in some countries of the world. The XE variant was also confirmed to be available in Mumbai, but this has been denied by the Health Ministry.

Deltacron: Deltacron is a recombinant variant, made from a combination of omicron and delta variants. DeltaCron was identified in February 2022. Indeed, scientists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris discovered a new form of coronavirus that was completely different from the previous types. It was called DeltaCron. According to the National Health Service, the symptoms of this virus, made from a mixture of Omicron and Delta, are similar to those of previous epidemics.Omicron Variants: COVID Fourth Wave Coming?  All you need to know about the Omicron BA.2 variant - The Economic Times

Omicron Type: The first case of Omicron type was found in South Africa. The WHO considered it extremely dangerous. It was also said that it could be a big mistake to think of this variant as weak. The WHO also emphasized that such types may pose more risks in the coming days. In recent times, Omicro has affected many parts including India. However, most cases of omicrons in India were not serious.

Delta Variant: Everyone is aware of the devastation caused by the second wave of Corona virus. Due to the lack of care and carelessness, the cases of this type of Kovid have increased significantly. The B.1.617 variant is believed to have 2 different mutations, E484Q and L452R. The first case of double mutation in India with the help of genome sequencing and testing was detected in Maharashtra.

Delta Plus Variant: After the second wave of Corona in India, there was news of the presence of another dangerous variant, which was known as Delta Plus. According to experts, the Delta Plus variant was considered more dangerous than the Delta. Apart from India, cases of this variant have also been reported in America, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, China and Russia.

Kappa variant: The kappa variant of the SARs-COV-2 virus was first discovered in India in December 2020. This is known as a double mutation of the original virus, scientifically known as B.1.167.1. These variants are said to have E484Q and E484K mutations, the dominant variants from Brazil and South Africa, respectively.

Version B.11.318 (Version B.11.318): The B.11.318 version was composed of the same variations as the Kappa version. According to the information, 2 cases of this variant were found in India.

b.1.617.3 (b.1.617.3 ed.): Original version b.1.617 The series of b.1.617.3, a part of delta version b.1.617.2, is responsible for the second wave of coronavirus in India. Called. So far no health organization has declared this type as dangerous. live TV



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