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Will Samar take revenge from Vanraj? Anupam will be surprised by his entry in in-laws’ house

The story of TV serial Anupama has now taken such a turn that now I do not like to miss a single episode of the serial. When the episode ends, people are eager to know what will happen in the next episode. After all, you must have seen in the serial that Kavya no longer wants to live life with Vanraj. He has decided that he will now divorce Vanraj.

Vanraj and his family members will now have to make a habit of living without Anupama. So now Anupama is living her life with full curiosity at a new stage of her life but she does not want to move ahead in life leaving her family behind. No specific tweet has been done in the story yet, but fans are going to have a lot of fun soon.

Anupam will be shown in a new episode that Vanraj will join Kinjal on Douglas. Kinjal is about to become a mother and Vanraj will advise her to stay away from work. Vanraj will clearly say that he does not mind the difference between Kinjal and Pankhi. They are both his daughters. It is the responsibility of both of them. Kinjal will get emotional seeing this changed style of Vanraj. At the same time, he will also spend summer with her, which will end the differences between him and his father. Summer will tell you not to forget the old mistakes of Vanraj.

Anupama is to be surprised by Anuj’s cousin and his wife Barkha. On the other hand, Anupama herself will tell Anuj that she wants to call her people home. Anuj will fall into thought and it becomes clear that Anuj is still hiding something from Anoop. Soon Barkha and her family will be with Anupama. After that there will be talks due to middle class and upper class at Anupama and Anuj’s house.

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