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Will make life difficult for Anupama’s first wife, brother-in-law will create rift in the house

In Anupama serial, the makers of the serial are coming up with some new twists and turns to entertain the people with time. Now once again Anupama is going to get entangled in the family. After marriage, Anuj’s entire family has gathered.

Anuj’s family is creating a new trouble for Anupama. Anuj’s cousin decides to live together in Anuj and Anoop’s house. This makes Anupama and Anuj very happy. But let me tell you – it was a long time coming.

In the upcoming episode of Gaurav Khanna, Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey’s serial Anupama, you will see that Anuj and Anupama suddenly reach Barkha’s room. During this, Barkha will take her husband. Barkha says he wants his right. However, Anuj and Anupama cannot hear this.

Soon Anup and Anuj will adopt Anu. Meanwhile, Anuni’s mother will reach Anoop. Anu’s mother will say that she is Anuj’s first wife. Anoop will be shocked to know this. Anupam will learn that Anuj has married Anupam to take custody of his daughter Anu.

After marrying Anoop, Anuj will start ignoring everyone. Instead of going to Anuj Barkha’s party, Anoop will perform the last rites. Barkha will get very angry seeing Anuj’s changed look. Meanwhile, Barkha will also come to know that Anuj is the owner of all the property of Anuj.

On the other hand, as soon as Anupama leaves the house, Vanraj will remove Anoop’s name plate and replace it with Baa and Bapuji, seeing that Ba will become emotional.

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