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Will Kinjal’s life last because of Barkha Bhabhi? Ehoma will be up against Enhoni 2.

The story of TV serial Anupama is going to take a new turn soon. The poison for Anupama is slowly spreading in Barakh’s mind. Barkha wants that Anuj has the right to do business in Kapadia’s house and by any means.

Due to the incomprehensibility she cannot pay attention to her own intentions. Right now she is preparing to have her biggest time. Today Anupama has a lot to offer. On one hand Anupama will again join her dance academy and on the other hand Sara Pankhi will take Anupama home.

Barkha’s daughter loves Anupama from the very beginning. He likes everything about Anupama. Today it will be seen whether Barkha will get to know today and she will get filled badly or Anupama also works. Sara will talk about joining the incomparable dance academy in front of Barkha. On the other hand Vanraj will feel that if Anupama has now become the bride of so many great nobles, then she will not be able to handle the dance academy. He will decide to take over the reins of the dance academy but his hopes will be dashed once he reaches there.

Sara will also accompany Anupama to the dance academy and from there they will go to Shah House. Sara Pankhi and Kinjal will insist on going home. After all the efforts, Pankhi and Kinjal are allowed to go there. When Barkha learns that Anupama’s house stays at theirs, she stops breathing.

Adik will come in and take care of everything as he too is looking for an excuse to spend time with Pankhee. Ankush and Anuj will also come there and then everyone will have a lot of fun together. Anupama’s circulation revealed that Kinjal would fall on the ground if someone pushed her.

Recently there was news that Nidhi Shah, who is playing the character of Kinjal, is going to say goodbye to this serial. There are also reports that Anupama’s doctors will try their best to save Kinjal after the accident, but she will be able to save only her child. In such a situation, this could be the last few episodes of Nidhi Shah.

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