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Why Sumbul Touqeer Declares That She Will “Never Cry Again?” After Shalin Bhanot Describes Her as “Weak”!!


In the most recent episode, Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer Khan got into an argument after Shalin called his co-contestant ‘weak’ in front of the other housemates. Sumbul was triggered by his statement, and this is how she reacted.

Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer, Bigg Boss 16 contestants, fought in the most recent episode. Sumbul is seen arguing with Shalin after Shalin refers to her as “weak.” Sumbul lost her cool and begged him not to call her weak in front of Tina Datta and Sreejita De.

She asked him who had given him the authority to decide who was strong or weak in the Bigg Boss house. Fans praised Sumbul for standing up for herself in the comments section of their ColorsTV video.

The promo was shared on the channel’s social media accounts with the caption, “Shalin aur Sumbul ke beech chhidi iss jung ka kya ho sakta hai reason” (What is the reason for Shalin and Sumbul’s fight)?


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The promo began with Shalin and Tina Datta sitting on a sofa in the garden area. Shalin said to Sumbul, “Mujhe tum weak lagti ho, khatam” (I consider you weak, that’s all). Sumbul confronted him, yelling, “Aap kon hote ho decide karne waale ki mai weak hoon (who are you to decide that I am weak)?” “Bigg Boss ko bhi lagta hai (Bigg Boss also feels this way),” Shalin responded.” Sumbul lost her cool and yelled at him, “Aap kon ho saamne waale ko bolne wale ki bhai tum weak ho (who are you to call the other person weak?)”

“Meri marzi, mere baap ki marzi ki mai bolun mujhe kya lagta hai,” Shalin continued, “it’s my choice, it’s my father’s choice that I say whatever I want.” As Sumbul said to Shalin, “Kisi ko koi hakk nhi hai (nobody has that right), keep that in mind,” Sreejita was also seen. “I am not crying,” she continued, “kissi ko itna mat rulaana ki uski aankon ka paani sukh jaaye (don’t make someone cry so much that they have no tears).” She then added, “Sumbul will no longer cry.”

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One viewer commented on the video, “Ye hui na baat, muh tod jawaab, kya baat hai Sumbul Touqeer Khan (this is impressive, what an answer you gave).” “Sumbul, you just nailed it,” wrote another (fire and red heart emojis). Teach this lesson to everyone.” Another user commented, “Sumbul best hai with fire emojis” (Sumbul is the best). “Sumbul is on fire,” one user wrote.

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