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Why is Sunderkandi so important? make daily lessons intentional

Ramcharit Manas has great importance in Hinduism. There are total 7 chapters i.e. chapters in Ramcharit Manas. But the most important of these seven is considered to be Sunderkand. You must have heard many discussions about the importance of reciting Sunderkand but today know what are the reasons for this importance.

Significance of the name Sunderkand: Every chapter except Sunderkand is named according to the place or situation. Like Lord’s sacrifice i.e. Balkand, the events of Ayodhya mean Ayodhya Kand, time of exile of forest i.e. Aranyakand etc. Only Sunderkandi has a different name.

It is told in this episode that Hanumanji reaches Lanka in search of Sita. Many incidents are described in Sunderkand. In which Sitaji and Hanumanji are seen, Hanumanji’s battle with demons etc. The incidents that happened in this case are an important part of Ramayana, hence the name Sundarkand.

Significance of Sunderkandi: Sunderkandi is taught at home on special occasions. Sundarkand is recited even before the start of good deeds. Apart from this, Sundarkandi is recited even when there is a danger to the life of the person. If a person lacks confidence then he should recite Sunderkand. Starting Sundarkandi text gives auspicious results. Astrologers also recommend practicing Sundarkand to overcome the adverse situations of life.

Prasanna Hanumanji: It is believed that by reciting Sunderkand, the blessings of Hanumanji keep showering on the person. All the sorrows in the life of those who recite Sunderkandi on a regular basis are removed. In such a situation, Hanumanji searched Sitaji with his intelligence and power. Sunderkand describes the success of Hanumanji.

Psychological benefits: Sunderkand is a different story of Ramcharitmanas. The story of Lord Rama is narrated in the Ramayana. It is a chapter in which Hanumanji’s victory is depicted. By doing this lesson, the person gets psychological benefits. By doing this lesson, the confidence of the person also increases. The mental power to complete any task also comes from doing this lesson.

Religious Benefits: By practicing Sunderkandi, mental functions are proved. Bajrangbali is soon pleased with the one who recites it. There are many remedies mentioned in the scriptures by which the blessings of Hanuman ji are obtained. The best of these remedies is the text of Sunderkand. Any problem gets removed by doing this lesson. This is the best but the simplest solution. That’s why some people regularly recite Sundarkandi.

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