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Why does the body smell of sweat? Stay Odor Free by Trying These 4 Ways


Why does the body smell of sweat? Stay Odor Free by Trying These 4 Ways

People around you are very troubled by body odour, but what is the real reason, can there be measures to get rid of it?

Sweating is a common thing in the summer season, but for many people, sweat causes a strong body odor, which can cause problems for the people around them. Bad smell in public places is inevitable. What is the root cause of this stink and how can I get rid of it?The problem of body odor, the treatment of underarm odor, Tomato rock salt, Potato vinegar, Bacterial sweating |  Why does the body smell of sweat?  Stay odor free by adopting these 4 ways - Wings Daily News

Why does body smell?
Body odor occurs when bacteria on the skin come into contact with sweat. Sweat has no odor but it mixes with bacteria to produce an unpleasant odor. Sweat comes from two sweat glands present on the surface of the skin, namely eccrine and apocrine. Apocrine is thought to be responsible for body odour.

The smell of sweat comes from eating these things
Sweating occurs naturally in the body, but eating certain foods increases body odor, although body odor can be caused by genetics and hygiene is necessary to prevent it.

– Garlic
– Onion
– broccoli
– Cauliflower
-Red meatHow to control sweat and body odor in summer  Diva Likes

Body odor will increase due to consumption of these things
– spicy things
– alcohol
– caffeine

How to get rid of sweat smell?
1. Sleep with Apple Vinegar at Night
You can use apple cider vinegar to get rid of body odor. For this, put 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of water in a clean spray bottle, mix it well and store it. Now spray this apple vinegar mixture on clean and dry underarms at night and go to sleep. Wash the underarms with warm water the next morning.

2. Potato will remove the odor of underarms
Potatoes can be used to get rid of armpit odor caused by sweating in summers. In this home remedy, you have to peel the potato and cut it into pieces. Now rub this slice on the armpits and wash it with water after about 30 minutes.

Body Odor Causes and Treatment Options - eMediHealth

3. Remove the smell of sweat with rock salt
You can use rock salt to get rid of the bad smell of sweat. Just for this, you have to mix rock salt in the bath water till it dissolves completely. Then take bath with this water. Rock salt relieves the problem of excessive sweating.

4. Apply tomato juice
Tomato juice is also beneficial to remove body odor. Grind a tomato and extract its juice and then mix lemon juice in it and massage the underarms for 10 minutes. Then wash the armpits with clean water.



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