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Why did Anupama get so angry? Barkha will treat the Shah family like this.

Star Plus serial Anupama is entertaining people a lot at this time. New characters have been entered in the serial. In the serial you must have seen that Anupama went to Shah House for Pagphera but Baa and Vanraj ignored her. Anupama does not like this thing of Bani at all and she tells all these things to Anuj.

Anuj’s sister-in-law will not let any chance to annoy Anupama. He often keeps doing something or the other to put Anupama in trouble. In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Anupama and Anuj will reach Kapadia Mansion together. But as soon as she reaches there, Barkha will insult Anupama in front of everyone.

He will take the media person inside with him without worshiping. Due to which Anupama will be very disappointed from inside. He will tell Barkha that people walk in the puja room wearing slippers. So JK Kaka will tell Anuj in advance that this is not happening. Responding to this, Barkha will say that this is not a temple. Anupama will get annoyed and will say that foreigners will make a difference but here home is called a temple.

So Shah family will come there but they don’t get entry because they don’t have invitation card so Vanraj gets angry. And he listens to Babuji. After this Barkha will come there and insult the Shah family. After this Anupama will get angry and will introduce her family to Barkha.

After this, Barkha takes everyone home without worship and starts dancing and singing. Anupama gets shocked seeing this and stops the music by going in front of everyone. When the music stops, Barkha starts asking questions. In response to which Anupama says that there will be a party even after worship. After this, Barkha’s mouth swells up and she is unable to speak.

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