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Who is Sylvia Syms? What is the Cause of Her Death?

Sylvia Syms, a British actor who worked in the entertainment business for 60 years, died at the age of 89. In 1958, the movie Ice Cold by Alex made her famous. For her work in The Tamarind Seed, she was nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award.

On January 27, 2023, a note from her children confirmed that she had died. What caused Sylvia Syms to die? Here’s all the information you need.

Who is Sylvia Syms?

English actress Sylvia Syms was known for her roles in movies like Woman in a Dressing Gown, Ice Cold in Alex, No Trees in the Street, Victim, and others. Also, the Stephen Frears movie The Queen was her biggest hit. The movie was about how Diana, Princess of Wales, died and how she was laid to rest.

The star of the band Queen grew up in Well Hall, Eltham. She went to art school in London at the Royal Academy of Art. Most of Syms’s early years were spent there, and she went on to study acting afterward. Syms has been an actress from 1955 until 2023. She has been in more than 125 movies. The actress did her best work and had many hits in movies that people still talk about.

More  About the Sylvia Syms Life

Sylvia was born in London in 1934. During the evacuation, she was taken away from her mother at a young age. BBC News says that Sylvia talked about how hard it was to be separated from her mother, who later died of a brain tumor when Sylvia was 12 years old. “Being sent away from home made me feel like I wasn’t loved, which is unfair but true,” she said. “That’s why I started working as a performer and never stopped.”

What is the Cause of Sylvia Syms Death

 problems did get her in the end, though. At 16, she had a nervous breakdown that would have ended her career if her stepmother hadn’t told her to go to therapy. Sylvia kept going to The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after that.
Sylvia has had many roles over the years. In 1991, she played British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the TV movie Thatcher: The Final Days, and she did the same thing in the stage version of the movie.

She was in the ITV show At Home With the Braithwaites from 2000 to 2003, and she played the Queen Mother with Helen Mirren in the 2006 movie The Queen. Sylvia’s most recent role was as Mrs. Rawson in the 2019 HBO shows Gentleman Jack. Her two children, who are both actors, will carry on her work. Alan Edney, Sylvia’s late husband, died in 1989.

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What is the Cause of Sylvia Syms Death?

BBC News reported on January 27, 2023, that Beatie and Ben Edney, Sylvia’s children, said that she had died. “She had a great life and made us laugh and smile right up until the end. Just yesterday, we were talking about all the fun things we had done. She will be missed so much, “how it says.

Beatie and Ben Edney, two of her children, said in a statement-

“Our mother, Sylvia, died peacefully this morning. She has lived an amazing life and gave us joy and laughter right up to the end. Just yesterday we were reminiscing together about all our adventures. She will be so very missed.”

“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Denville Hall for the truly excellent care they have taken of our Mum over the past year.”

They also thanked the staff at Denville Hall, where Sylvia lived, for “the truly excellent care they have given our mother over the past year.” The reason Sylvia died is not known to the public at this time.



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