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Who is Landon McBroom Dating in 2023? A Look At Her Past Relationship!

Landon McBroom is an American social media star, Vlogger, and YouTuber. He is known for being the brother of “NCAA” basketball star Austin McBroom, who has a popular YouTube channel called “The ACE Family.”

‘Landon McBroom’s Girlfriend in 2023 – Who is Landon Mcbroom’s girlfriend and does Landon Mcbroom have a girlfriend are the questions of the hour. Luckily, we have the answers about Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend 2023. In the sections that follow, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Landon Mcbroom Girlfriend 2023.

Who is Landon McBroom?

Landon was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on September 26, 1996. His older brother, Austin, is a well-known basketball player. Austin is the owner of the YouTube channel The ACE Family. He used to play basketball in the NCAA. Landon likes sports for fun just like his brother. He knows how to train people and is a good athlete.

Landon went to high school in Lancaster, California, at Paraclete High School. He is dating Shyla, a popular Instagram user who goes by the name “SimplyShyla.”

Landon got a lot of attention when he and his girlfriend, “Shyla Walker,” made a YouTube channel called “THIS IS L&S.” The couple started their YouTube channel in June 2017, according to the sources. So many people liked their videos. The couple became well-known in the country in short amounts of time.

Landon McBroom Dating

In August 2021, more than 3.05 million people are following their official YouTube channel. Sources say that McBroom and Shyla stopped making videos for their YouTube channel in May 2021 because they were having problems with their relationship. Shyla also posted a video to the channel explaining why they were moving.

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She said that Landon is focused on his boxing career at the moment. Landon McBroom also got a lot of attention from his YouTube videos. Not only that, but he also has a huge number of fans who follow him on social media. Landon is focusing on his sports and YouTube careers right now.

Landon McBroom’s career gave him a net worth of about $6 million to $8 million USD. He also gets paid to advertise his business.

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Landon Mcbroom on Social Media

Who is Landon McBroom Dating in 2023?

No, Landon Macbroom is currently single, according to our research. He broke up with Shyla in 2021. After this, there were no rumors or confirmations about their relationship.

Landon Mcbroom’s Past Relationship

Landon Mcbroom is a man who has never been married. He was seeing Shyla Walker, who had been his girlfriend for a long time. In 2016, they met each other for the first time on Instagram. In 2017, they started their famous YouTube channel, “This is L&S.” In the same year, Landon and Shyla broke up for a short time before getting back together. Landon was not only working with Shyla but also with Soul, who was his daughter.

At first, fans noticed that the two of them were not having a good time together. Everyone was mad at what Shyla was posting. After five years of ups and downs (from 2016 to 2021), they broke up because of bad things that happened. They broke up in May 2021. They are no longer together. Shyla is the one who should be taking care of their daughter. Why will become clear soon!

Landon McBroom Dating

This year, Shyla Walker and Mcbroom broke up. Landon has been accused of hitting his girlfriend and taking her away. A court has given Mcbroom an order to stay away from someone. It tells him to stay at least 100 feet away from Shyla and her daughter. Shyla has accused Landon in front of everyone on her Instagram account. Walker said that Landon beat her up and tried three times to take her daughter. She later drops the restraining order so that Landon and Soul can keep seeing each other.

Shyla did everything she could to keep Landon away from her daughter, so the fact that she now lets them together seems strange. She is the only person on her YouTube Channel. They deleted all the videos, so now there is only one: “The End Of This Is L&S.” When you see it, you’ll know that she had it all planned. In any case, the choice is yours!

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More Facts About Landon Mcbroom

  • He has also taken part in several boxing matches.
  • Landon McBroom has also been in Social Gloves Present, Battle of the Platforms: YouTubers vs. TikTokers, which came out in June 2021.
  • He has also worked with a lot of well-known bloggers and YouTubers.
  • Landon is a big fan of tattoos and has a lot of them on his body.
  • Bad Boy is another name for McBroom.
  • His older brother got married to a well-known person on the internet.

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