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Who is King Cid Dating in 2023? When Did He Split With Dymond Charleston?

King Cid is a well-known American social media star and YouTuber King Cid is quite well-known. His YouTube channel of the same name, where he primarily publishes practical jokes and entertaining challenges, is where he is best known. Known for his humorous vlogs, he is also well-liked on TikTok.

Who is King Cid Dating in 2023 is one of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about King Cid that people are curious about. Who is King Cid’s friend the girl? Here, all questions are discussed.

Who is King Cid?

“King Cid”  was born in the United States on August 26, 2000. He has 20 years. The Dominican Republic is where his parents were born. His sibling’s number three. He is well-educated in terms of his education. Additionally, he has worked with several well-known social media stars and YouTubers.

After gaining 5,000 YouTube followers, Cid left his job as a contact center agent to focus more time on his channel. “$20 QUESTIONS CHALLENGE (Public Interview),” King Cid’s first video, was uploaded to YouTube on January 4, 2011, marking the channel’s launch. Since then, he has published several jokes, challenges, replies, comedic films, and vlogs.

King Cid Dating

Even at such a young age, he already has a strong reputation as one of the best prank channels on YouTube. He has developed considerably over time as a result of several of his pranks and challenges videos becoming viral. His material is very entertaining to see, in addition to everything else.

His pranks, challenges, reactions, comedy videos, and vlogs, which he uploads to his own YouTube channel, helped him gain popularity. He has more than 1.37 million subscribers to his YouTube account. The most well-known videos include “LAST TO STOP KNEELING ON RICE WINS $10,000!,” “When And How Did You Lose Your Virginity?,” “”LET’S SMASH” Prank On My Crush! *spicy*,” and many others.

Additionally well-known is him for the Instagram handle “@ kingcid.” His first Instagram post was a video of one of his pals jumping out of a moving school bus door on January 26, 2018, to avoid going to school.

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King Cid On Social Media

King Cid Twitter                  4,315 Followers

King Cid Instagram           1.2M followers

King Cid Youtube               2.42M subscribers

Who is King Cid Dating in 2023?

King Cid’s girlfriend Migo Monroe and he are now dating. In 2021, the two only recently began dating. She routinely appears in various vlogs and challenges on Cid’s YouTube channel. They are incredibly adorable together and take turns playing practical jokes on one another.

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Past  Relationship of King Cid?

Breann Llewelyn and Cid had a connection before this. Before calling it quits, the two dated for a little over a year.  They haven’t said why they split up, but many of their admirers have assumed it was because one of them cheated on the other.

King Cid Dating

Cid dated Instagram model Dymond Charleston before Breann. They split up sometime in 2019 since their romance also didn’t last.

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More Facts About the King Cid

  • King Cid has embraced many social media channels as a source of income and amusement.
  • With his singing and item sales on YouTube, he is making a considerable income.
  • He has excelled in the field thanks to his dedication, perseverance, and consistency.
  • Despite the fact that it can be challenging to identify, he enjoys enormous popularity among his followers and watchers on social media.
  • His quest to become a social media star has undoubtedly benefited greatly from his attractiveness and boy-next-door looks.

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