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Who is Jennifer Ortega Dating in 2023? A Look at Her Dating Rumors!

Jenna Ortega is a young actress in Hollywood who is making a name for herself and won’t be leaving any time soon. The horror film girly has been in both independent and big-budget movies, which led to her new role as the dark, twisted, and kind of likable Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix show Wednesday.

Who is Jennifer Ortega Dating in 2023?

In 2023, Jenna is not dating anyone. She does not have a partner and has not been romantically linked to anyone recently.

Since her role as Wednesday Addams made her famous, the young actress seems to be focusing on her career, as she has other possible opportunities. In addition, she has roles in the mysteries Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Finest Kind, and Miller’s Girl, leaving her no time for dating.


Full Name Jenna Ortega
Relationship status single
Height 5 ft 1 in
Weight 47 kg
Date of Birth September 27, 2002
Zodiac Sign Libra
Eye Color Dark Brown

Dating Rumors and Past Relationships

Jenna Ortega and Asher Angel

The most recent rumor about her is that she is dating Shazam! and Jolene actor Asher Angel. The rumor started when the two people seemed to come together for Just Jared’s annual Halloween party.

Their Halloween costumes are so cute! They dressed up as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, a famous ex-couple. They kept showing up in public together. Then, in 2018, Asher Angel and Jenna Ortega were seen at a fashion show and the opening of the movie Venom.

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Asher, who is usually very expressive, then posted a picture of himself and Jenna on Instagram with the caption “This one” and a red heart emoji.

Their strong chemistry was also clear on their Instagram stories, where they often posted pictures of themselves having fun together and made sure no one missed a thing. We’re pretty sure that they both loved each other very much.

Asher Angel accidentally told everyone on his live stream what kind of relationship he was in. Asher held a live stream on his Instagram not long after they showed up in the premiere. Then, one of his fans asked if he had a girlfriend, and he answered “yes” by accident before changing his mind.

But his fans thought he meant his first answer and that Jenna Ortega was the girl he was talking about. But Jenna then said they weren’t together, and it was clear that it was just Asher’s fault. Or maybe Asher did have a girlfriend, but it wasn’t Jenna?

Jenna doesn’t seem to want to date anyone because she is still young and wants to focus on her career more than anything else. She also didn’t seem to mind all the gossip and rumors about her relationships. But some news outlets kept saying that Jenna was dating Asher, even though the actress denied it.

The Sweet Relationship Between Isaak Presley and Jenna Ortega

It was said that Jenna was also dating one of her co-stars. On the set of the show Stuck in the Middle, where she played Harley Diaz, she was seen getting close to Isaak Presley.

In the TV show, Isaak played Jenna’s older brother. It would be weird to ship on-screen siblings, wouldn’t it? So, why do people think that Isaak and Jenna went out back then?

It all started with how well they got along and how close they were on set. Isaak also didn’t think twice about posting about how close they were on social media. When Jenna turned seventeen, he wrote a sweet birthday card for her.

who is jenna ortega dating
Who is Jenna Ortega dating

Isaak wrote, “Oh boy, my little sister is 17,” as the caption for a slideshow of cute pictures of them together. It was a long sentence. We can see that Isaak told her what he really thought and felt about her.

He then said, “Jenna, you have changed my life in so many ways.” You are the toughest and strongest girl I know, and I am so happy for you. You have been through so much at such a young age, and you have done more than anyone thought you could.


Then Jenna wrote in the comments, “The ugliest photos.” But, cowboy, thank you. I’m so glad I’ve been able to call you my brother for almost four years and see you every day. “I love you most!”

They’re so cute, aren’t they? It shows how much they cared for and loved each other. But the most important question was still: Were Jenna and Isaak actually dating?

Unfortunately, they were just best friends and never fell in love with each other. But considering how sweet and real their relationship is, we’re not upset that they’re not together.

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