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While Shiv and Abdu Relax in Their Jacuzzi After the Show, MC Stan Puts on a Live Concert for the Audience

MC Stan will put on a live concert for the viewers of Bigg Boss 16 during the next episode of the reality show. Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik will be seen enjoying a jacuzzi soak.

The next episode of Bigg Boss 16, which will air on January 1, will be an exciting and entertaining one. Both the competitors and the viewers of Bigg Boss can look forward to a significant increase in the amount of entertainment that will be provided when the New Year begins. For those who aren’t aware, on yesterday’s episode of Big Brother, the housemates and former Big Brother 15 finalist Karan Kundrra celebrated the start of the New Year together.

In connection with the same topic, we should mention that Bigg Boss would treat participants like Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, and Abdu Rozik with a relaxing jacuzzi bath. The group of three can be seen taking pleasure in the soak in the tub while also taking sips from their drinks.

A few of the women of the house may also be seen doting on the occupants of the tub as they are soaking. In the meantime, Abdu, who appears to be having the greatest fun possible while soaking in the tub, starts singing. Have a look at the identical example.

A further advertisement portrays Bigg Boss putting on a live concert for the audience, which is something that has never been done before in the history of the show. The house is packed with admirers, and MC Stan puts on a concert that is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

In addition to this, several other notable rappers from the music industry enter the house in order to put on a concert for the attendees of the party. As seen in the video, Bigg Boss can be heard explaining to the housemates that since they are unable to leave the house to celebrate the New Year, he has brought their fans and the party inside the house this time. Watch the video in its entirety.

There have also been rumors circulating that the family week will take place during the same time period as the other events. It will be quite an emotional moment to observe the housemates’ families coming to visit, as they will be seen entering the house for the first time.

Vikkas Manaktala was another contestant who was eliminated from the show during yesterday’s episode. A further four weeks have been added to the show’s run because it is currently performing very well on the TRP charts.

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