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Where Was Goonies Filmed? Explore Here 11 Location Of Most Beloved Movie!!

The Goonies is one of the most beloved films of the 1980s, having been released on VHS. The plot centers around a group of daring youths searching for buried pirate treasure while fleeing a band of crooks, all while listening to Cyndi Lauper’s music.

Although much of the footage for this classic adventure comedy was shot on several soundstages in California, the majority of The Goonies was shot in Astoria, Oregon.

Producer Steven Spielberg came up with the idea for the picture. The story takes place in a coastal town in the Pacific Northwest, where the charming Goondocks area is endangered by real estate speculation. Welcome to the Goon Docks and our comprehensive reference to all The Goonies filming sites.

  • County Jail (Oregon Film Museum): Jailhouse

County Jail (Oregon Film Museum) Jailhouse

This is easily one of Astoria’s most recognizable Goonies filming locations. Jake Fratelli was imprisoned in the Astoria County Jail until his family assisted him in escaping. It is possible to visit his cell, and the actual jeep used by the Fratellis is normally parked in front of the jailhouse.

The Oregon Film Museum, which honors the history of filmmaking in Oregon, is presently housed in the county jail. The self-guided tour of the museum is just around 30 minutes long, but visitors may see the cell where parts of the Goonies scenes were filmed.

  • The Goonies House

The Goonies House

The house where the “Goonies” grew up is at 368 38th Street in Astoria. Most of the interior was also filmed here, but the attic was built on a soundstage at Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in California This is a private home, so if you come to visit, please respect the people who live there.

The owners closed the house to the public in 2015 because they were getting too many tourists, but they have since reopened it with a donation box to make up for the trouble of having hundreds of people come and go every day.

  • Datas House

Datas House

The Walsh family residence is located at 368 38th Street. The images along the coast were shot in Oregon, but they were a long way from Astoria. The Goonies ride their bikes to Ecola State Park and then use Haystack Rock as a reference to determine the map’s beginning point.

  • Mouth’s House

Mouth’s House

Mouth’s residence is a short drive up the hill from the County Jail and appears in several early scenes. The front of the house is shown in one scene, and his bedroom is shown in another, with the view from his actual position behind him visible through the window.

  • Astoria Coffee Co

Astoria Coffee Co

Rosalita is seen crossing the street with groceries again in the opening credits as the Fratellis pass by in their “very neat ORV” trailed by cops. This store in the backdrop of this image is now Astoria Coffee Co., and it may be found at 304 37th Street in Astoria. It’s close to the Goondocks and worth seeing.

  • Lower Columbia Bowl

Lower Columbia Bowl

This bowling alley, sometimes known as Chunk’s Bowling Alley, is actually called Lower Columbia Bowl and is located at 826 Marine Drive in Astoria. It is here that Chunk witnesses the vehicle pursuit at the start of the film.

Lower Columbia Bowl is still open for business and hasn’t changed much since the filming. They welcome guests and have a specific section of the alley reserved for them and moviegoers.

Workers may be willing to recount their own anecdotes from the filming days if you catch them on a dull day. I managed to overhear a worker discussing the filming of the iconic vehicle chase scene and how Jeff Cohen, aka Chunk, kept missing his mark on the window. They had to reshoot the sequence so many times that they had to go to McDonald’s many times to obtain extra milkshakes.

  • Flavel House Museum

Flavel House Museum

On their journey to the ocean, the kids pass by the Astoria Historical Museum, where Mikey’s father works, at 441 8th Street, across the street from the jail. The Captain George Flavel House Museum is housed in this mansion, which was built in 1885.

The manor is one of the best-preserved examples of Queen Anne architecture on the West Coast. It was on the verge of being demolished multiple times to make room for a parking lot.

  • Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park contains multiple Goonies filming locations that visitors would recognize right away. The area where the Fratellis had their refuge and where the Goonies began their treasure hunt is one of the most well-known.

The hideout, known in the film as the Lighthouse Lounge, was purpose-built for filling and then demolished. Today, you may visit the area, where a modest structure exists in place of the hideout in the film. The second scene is when the Goonies come to a halt on their motorcycles while looking for the beginning of the treasure map. This image was taken along the Indian Beach route in Ecola State Park.

There are various other scenes shot in the park, including the road when Mikey’s brother (Brandon) is shoved off his bike.

  • Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

The Fratelli car chase came to an end at the beautiful Cannon Beach. It was the site of the 3rd Annual ORV Rally, and there were a lot of cars and people there to watch. The last scene of Point Break was also shot at Cannon Beach.

  • John Warren Field

John Warren Field

During the car chase, Andi practices cheer on what used to be called John Warren Field. Unfortunately, after some digging to find the location, I found out that it is gone. The field was converted into part of the Columbia Memorial Hospital. If you still want to see where the Goonies were filmed, the field used to be at the corner of 20th Street and Exchange Street.

  • Cauldron Point – Goat Rock Beach California

Cauldron Point – Goat Rock Beach California

People often think that the last scene of the movie, where One-Eyed Willie’s ship sails into the sunset, was not filmed at Indian Beach. In fact, the last scene of “The Goonies” was filmed at California’s Goat Rock Beach.

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