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WhatsApp’s ‘enemy’ app launches new service for up to 4GB files at a time

Currently, there are many apps and platforms around the world that keep people connected, including chatting apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. As the main chatting app, there is competition between WhatsApp and Telegram. Telegram has recently launched a new service that provides users with many features which are not available on WhatsApp. Let’s know about it..

WhatsApp’s ‘enemy’ app released a new service

For your information, let us tell you that Telegram has announced a new premium subscription service for its users. In this service, instead of paying the subscription price to the users, many special features will be offered. Let us tell you that these features are only for paid users of Telegram. Let us know what are these features and how much will this service cost.

telegram premium subscription price

According to a report by TechCrunch, the Telegram Premium base plan can be availed at $4.99 (approximately Rs.390) per month. Let us tell you that at present it has not been told how much you will have to pay in India to buy this service. Information about this is also expected to be released in the coming days.

Files up to 4GB will now be shared simultaneously

Now let us tell you that users taking Telegram Premium subscription will get a chance to take advantage of special features. If you pay for this service, you can easily share files as large as 4GB at a time. Let us tell you that Telegram users who do not have Premium can send files up to 2GB at a time.

Premium users will get all these facilities

Not only this, Telegram Premium users will also get better speed of downloading media files and will also be given access to unlimited cloud storage. Premium users will be able to follow 1000 channels on Telegram, create 20 chat folders with 200 chats. Premium users will be able to pin up to 10 chats and save up to 10 stickers. Telegram Premium users will also have the option to share stickers with full-screen animations.

Along with the ad-free experience, you will get many more exciting features when you subscribe to Telegram Premium.

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