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WhatsApp is giving Rs 105, this is the process to get cashback

These days the number of mobile users is very high. Almost every second person is using mobile phone. At the same time, with the advent of smartphones, the number of users has increased significantly. With the help of a few apps and the internet, you can do many things on your smartphone in a pinch. Not only this, the smartphone has also become a good source of entertainment and time pass for the people. People do this by creating their account on various social media apps. On the other hand, if we talk about the messenger application WhatsApp, then here people talk among themselves, enter their status etc. But do you know that WhatsApp is giving you a cashback of Rs 105. Probably not, let us tell you about it so that you too can have it. You can know about it in the next slides.

How much cashback will you get?
If you pay through WhatsApp, you can get a cashback of Rs 105. Actually, you get Rs 35 on one payment and Rs 35-35-35 for making three such payments i.e. you can get a total of Rs 105. For this you can also transfer Rs. However, this WhatsApp cashback is being offered to select users only for a limited time.

have to be careful
If you want to take advantage of this offer, then you have to keep in mind that the account of the sender and the receiver should be on WhatsApp Payments.

step 1
To get cashback, you have to first go to WhatsApp app and here you have to select the number to which you want to send money.

step 2
Go to the number and click on the payment option and then you have to add your bank account here. To do so, click on ‘Get Started’ and follow the next procedure to verify your mobile number registered with the bank (note that the link with the bank and WhatsApp number should be the same).

step 3
After this, when your bank account is added here, you can get cashback by sending money to anyone. This cashback comes directly to your bank account.

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