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Whatsapp is Currently Developing a Variety of New Features, Including the Ability to Transfer Chats, a Block Shortcut, and Many More!

Meta’s WhatsApp now allows users to connect through proxies on both Android and iOS smartphones. According to the WABeta Info website, the company is now working on a new upgrade of the app that will include features like conversation transfer, a block shortcut, and a new camera mode.

  • Chat Transfer

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will let users move their chat history to a new Android phone without using Google Drive. With this new feature, users will be able to move their chat history to a new device in a safe and private way. This feature is currently being worked on and will likely be added to the app in a future update.

  • Block Shortcut

WhatsApp is making a new feature that will make it easy for users to block people. A screenshot shows that the feature will be available in the notifications section, but it will only show up when a message comes in from an unknown or untrusted contact. This rule is in place to keep you from blocking trusted contacts by accident when you reply to a notification.

  • New Camera Mode

WhatsApp is planning to add a new camera mode that will let users switch between camera and video mode with just one tap. At the moment, users have to tap and hold to record a video, which can be hard to do for longer videos.

With the new camera mode, capturing videos will be easier. This feature is expected to be added to the app in a future update. It will make it easier and simpler to record videos, which is good news for WhatsApp users.

The new features we’ve talked about so far, like chat transfer, a shortcut to block, and a new camera mode, are currently being worked on and will likely be added to the WhatsApp app in a future update. It’s important to note that WhatsApp has already released new features in its beta versions, such as Picture-in-Picture on iOS, screenshot protection for view-once messages on Android, and more.

The release date for these new features has not been set yet, but beta updates will let people know when they will be available. These new features are currently being tested and built. Once they are stable and ready to go, they will be made available to all users.

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