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WhatsApp: 44 WhatsApp accounts banned in the country every minute, know how the company bans someone’s number?


The recently released monthly report of WhatsApp has revealed that in the month of June, more than 22 lakh accounts were banned in the country. About 2.6 crore accounts have been banned in a year.

WhatsApp: 44 WhatsApp accounts banned in the country every minute, know how the company bans someone’s number?

In the year 2019, where 20 lakh accounts were banned every month worldwide, now those accounts have been banned only in India. Know how to ban WhatsApp account?

Mostly Whatsapp accounts were banned in June

According to the company’s report, 22.10 lakh WhatsApp accounts were banned in the country in the month of June. This is the highest number of account bans in a single month. Earlier in September 2021, 22.09 lakh accounts were banned. In total, WhatsApp has banned 26 million accounts in India in the last 11 months. WhatsApp bans about 63500 accounts every day.

banned 25% of users before sending messages

A few years back, there were allegations against WhatsApp that their app was being used to spread a lot of fake news. After this, in February 2019, it released a white paper about the security arrangements present in its application. On an average, more than 20 lakh accounts are banned by them every month. 25 percent of users of these banned accounts are detected and banned by their systems without sending any messages.

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Do not send 4 such content to WhatsApp group by mistake, otherwise you will go directly to jail

WhatsApp has the Top largest user base in India country

There are different estimates regarding WhatsApp users in India. But there is a general consensus among all that India is the largest country using WhatsApp.

Are fake user whatsapp accounts on the rise in India?

It is a matter of concern and surprise that three years ago the number of WhatsApp account closures all over the world is happening only in India since last one year. In a white paper released three years ago, WhatsApp said that they have 150 million active users. And they ban 20 lakh accounts every month. The company is said to have 200 crore users at present. There are varying estimates of the company’s active users in India, which number between 350 million and 48 million.

Do you know? How to Ban WhatsApp Account?

WhatsApp says that before any suspicious activity occurs on an account, its system usually captures it and shuts it down. For this, WhatsApp uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For example, WhatsApp’s security system informs about the use of an unsecured computer network. WhatsApp claims that for this reason it closes such accounts before sending messages. 20% account is banned at the time of registration.

WhatsApp keeps checking the behavior of accounts that have completed registration. Although all messages in its Messenger app are encrypted, such accounts can be caught by the behavior of using the account.

Usually users take time. But if an account forwards messages too quickly, its system catches them. The company cited the example that if an account is registered 5 minutes ago and tries to send 100 messages in 15 seconds, it is considered as system abuse. Also, if one creates dozens of groups, it is also a category. Comes in.

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