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What do boys search the most on Google? shocking revelation

Google is a platform that is used by everyone and where everyone finds solutions to their problems. Although you can easily delete your search history, it still saves a lot of data which is used for all the surveys and reports. We’ve got a report that finds out what boys and men search for the most on Google. Let’s take a look at the Google search of boys.

According to a report from, one of the most searched men on Google is their sexuality. According to the report, every year about 68,000 men search for whether they are impotent or not. The boys also ask Google whether shaving makes their beard hair longer and what are the ways to thicken the beard.

Men also need to know how a ponytail or cap affects their hair. Boys’ Google search includes workout routine, how to do body-building and which protein shake to drink.

Another shocking revelation has come in the report. According to the report, breast cancer is also included in the top search for men on Google. Breast cancer is common in women, but boys want to know if boys also get breast cancer; And if so, how does it happen and what are the percentage opportunities.

Let me tell you, boys also want to know a lot about girls on Google. According to the report, boys search Google to find out how girls can be impressed, how happy they are and what they like and dislike. Boys also need to know what girls do after marriage.

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