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Weight Loss Tips: Suffering from Stubborn Belly Fat? Make these changes in diet to get rid of it

Weight lose tips

Are you bothered by stubborn belly fat? But you need not worry because you can easily get rid of belly fat by changing your diet. In such a situation, we will tell you here how to lose belly fat? Find out.

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Follow these steps to get rid of belly fat-


Start your day with linseed water. It helps increase insulin sensitivity. For this soak linseed in some water and drink that water in the morning and chew it.

Lentil Dosa

After taking flaxseeds, make mint chutney at home with moong dal dosa for breakfast. The protein in it boosts your metabolism and mint sauce improves digestion.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Consume apple cider vinegar before meals during the day, it helps increase insulin sensitivity, for this you take a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of water.

Have a healthy breakfast

You can also eat yogurt with fruit and whey, along with probiotics and micronutrients like chia seeds. It helps keep your stomach in shape.

Mineral salt

Cook your dinner in rock salt, it speeds up bowel movements, improves digestion and boosts metabolism. It helps in reducing belly fat.

Take natural sweeteners

If you use sugar, you can reduce the fat by adding sugar, honey and dates instead of sugar. It boosts immunity and also helps in removing belly fat.

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