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Virgo worship has special importance in Navratri, note down the entire worship method. Navratri 2022


Dharm News Navratri is about to end. Sunday is Navami Tithi. On this day, after the worship of the mother, the worship of the girl will be done. After this, the devotees who observe Matarani’s fast for nine days will break their fast. By the way, Kanya Puja can be done on any day during Navratri. But, it is considered better to do it on Ashtami and Navami.

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worship method

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After taking a bath in the morning, after worshiping the mother, prepare Kheer, Puri, and Halwa etc. in the prasad.
Call the girls and wash their feet with pure water.
After washing the feet of the girls, make them sit on a clean seat.
Vaccinate the girls and tie the protection on the wrist.
Offer food to Maa Durga before serving food to the girls.
After this, feed the prasad to the girls in the form of prasad.
It is customary to host a small boy with nine girls at the same time. The child is said to be the form or langur of Bhairav ​​Baba.
While leaving the girls, offer grains, money or clothes and get blessings by touching their feet.

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importance of girl worship

According to religious beliefs, 9 girls are worshiped in Kanya Puja. According to religious beliefs, every girl has a different and special significance.
Worshiping a girl brings prosperity.
Worshiping two girls leads to enjoyment and salvation.
Artha, Dharma and Kama are attained by worshiping three girls.
Worshiping four girls leads to attainment of statehood.
Worshiping five girls gives knowledge.
Worshiping six girls gives six kinds of accomplishments.
Worshiping seven girls brings good luck.
Worshiping eight girls brings happiness and wealth.
Worshiping the nine girls leads to the attainment of the dominion of the earth.

Today, 9th April, Saturday is the eighth day of Chaitra Navratri. On the eighth day of Chaitra Navratri, the eighth form of the mother, Maa Mahagauri is worshipped. Nine forms of the mother are worshiped during Navratri. The eighth day of Navratri is of great importance. Kanya Puja is also done on this day. The complexion of Maa Mahagauri is very fair. She has four arms and the mother rides a bull. Mother’s nature is calm. Let us know the worship method, importance, mantra, enjoyment and aarti of Maa Mahagauri…

Maa Mahagauri Puja Vidhi…

Get up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after retiring from bath etc.
Bath the idol of the mother with Gangajal or pure water.
Offer white colored clothes to the mother. According to religious beliefs, the mother likes white color.
Offer white flowers to the mother after bathing.
Apply Roli Kumkum to the mother.
Offer sweets, punch nuts, fruits to the mother.
Offer black gram to Maa Mahagauri.
Meditate more and more on Maa Mahagauri.
Do the aarti of the mother also.
The worship of girls on the day of Ashtami also has a special significance. On this day Kanya Poojan should also be done.

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Virgo worship has special importance in Navratri note down the



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