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Vili Fualaau, Who Was Formerly Married to Mary Kay Letourneau, Has Given Birth to a Daughter

Vili Fualaau has two children, Audrey and Georgia, with the late convicted child molester Mary Kay Letourneau.

Vili Fualaau’s family has grown. The 39-year-old, who was previously married to convicted child molester Mary Kay Letourneau, has given birth to his third kid, a daughter called Sophia.

Fualaau and Letourneau have two children, Audrey, 25, and Georgia, 24. Georgia announced the arrival of baby Sophia on a private Instagram, which PEOPLE saw, and shared a photo of herself with the child at the hospital.

“Hello, Sophia. I’m your big sister! You are so beautiful, I can,t wait to watch you grow. I’ll be right here by your side no matter what! I love you 💕, “She captioned the image.

Letourneau, who died of stage 4 cancer in July 2020 at the age of 58, was a sixth-grade teacher in 1996 when she began sexually abusing Fualaau. She was eventually sentenced to more than seven years in jail for child rape. Despite court orders to keep them apart, she fell pregnant with Fualaau’s children twice before he was 15 years old.

Fualaau was an adult by the time she was released from prison, and he petitioned the court to allow them to visit each other. Although the restraining order against Letourneau was lifted, she remained a registered sex offender in Washington state until her death.

Despite their relationship’s criminal background, the couple married in 2005. Letourneau and Fualaau, on the other hand, divorced in 2017 after Fualaau filed for formal separation. Letourneau and Fualaau continued to live together after their divorce and were occasionally seen out and about in Seattle. They both remained involved in their two kids’ lives.

Despite their split, Fualaau remained by Letourneau’s side when she died, and she left him a large portion of her assets in her will.

The Fualaaus and Letourneaus claimed they were “deeply saddened” by Letourneau’s death in a joint statement following her death. Letourneau died “peacefully” following a six-month health fight, they added.

Fualaau came on The Dr. Oz Show in September 2020, when he discussed what he would do if he was drawn to a child.

“I’d probably go for assistance,” Fualaau remarked. “I couldn’t be attracted to a 13-year-old because it’s just not in my head. It’s not anything I’m interested in. I mean, we all have preferences, and that’s just not something I’d go for.”

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