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Vanraj Takes Advantage of Anuj and Anupama’s Relationship Woes: Written Update for April 5th, 2023


Written Update from Anupama on April 5, 2023, Excellent stride Anupama informs Kanta that while she did not shatter when she left the Shah family, her heart, dreams, and hopes did. She lacks the confidence and will to live her life. She expresses her desire to live without Anuj. She blames herself for not being able to handle her wonderful existence. She claims that she has lost everything because of her own mistakes. She believes she is all alone and that she will die without Anuj. She crumbles. Kanta comforts her. Anupama and Anuj are both experiencing emotional breakdowns. Dheeraj runs into Anuj. Anuj sobs and embraces him. Dheeraj inquires as to his well-being. Anuj keeps the encounter with Kanta a secret. We also covered Anupamaa and Anuj’s Relationship takes a Complicated Turn.

Pakhi Expresses Her Emotions to Kinjal

Dheeraj warns that ignoring Anupama and hurting her heart will not solve the situation. He doesn’t want Anuj to make a fool of himself. Anuj requests that he not lecture him. Dheeraj invites him to call him if he has any questions. He says he is only a phone call away. He doesn’t want to abandon Anuj. Anuj thanks him for his assistance. Anuj views Anupama’s image and longs for her. Kanta takes Anupama with her fiercely. Pakhi expresses her emotions to Kinjal. It disgusts her to watch Vanraj benefiting from Anuj and Anupama’s breakup.

She claims that Ankush and Barkha are thinking the same thing, that Anuj and Anupama would never get back together. Paritosh inquires as to what is wrong if Vanraj wishes to assist Anupama. Pakhi claims that Vanraj is relieved to see Anuj and Anupama apart and that he, like Maya, plans to keep them apart. Vanraj is concerned about Anupama, according to Paritosh. He begs them to respect Vanraj’s worry rather than dismiss it. Vanraj, according to Kinjal, has a hidden objective. He claims that Anupama does not understand Vanraj. Pakhi is concerned. Kinjal declares that they would not allow Vanraj to achieve his goals. Here is about Anupamaa Ultimate Sacrifice.


Kanta brings Anupama to the hospital and shows her the very ill people who are still fighting for their lives. She requests that Anupama accompany her to visit them and understand the value of life. She urges Anupama to appreciate her life and not give up hope. She claims that everyone experiences grief and that they must continue to live. She wants Anupama to see the people who want to live but aren’t given the opportunity. She wants Anupama to appreciate what she has. She advises Anupama that she has a good life and that she should live it. She doesn’t want Anupama to forget what she had and only values what she has. She inquires whether she was not living before meeting Anuj. She encourages her to get on with her life.

Bhavesh informs Anupama that she must move on to avoid missing out on life’s sorrows. Anupama, according to Kanta, is not just a wife but also a mother. She begs her not to accept the loss because she is Anupama, who never gives up hope. She wishes for her daughter’s survival for her own. She reincarnates Anupama and wishes to see her new side. Anupama is inspired by her family’s support. Vanraj receives an unexpected call. Anupama begins a new chapter in her life. She vows to live her life for herself. She promises to make the rest of her life the best of her life. Kanta and Bhavesh are overjoyed for her. Anupama walks out of the house, facing the taunts of her neighbors. She takes a stand and responds appropriately. Anupama returns to her dance academy and begins to live her life on her terms.

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