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Van Raj Saha is Back! What Happens in Anupama Will Shock the Fans!


Anupama 6th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj sets up a strategy to recover Anupama. Anupama’s life is given a fresh lease on life thanks to her family. She expresses her gratitude to Kanta and Bhavesh for infusing new hope and bravery in her. She is glad that they never left her alone when she lost her bravery. They didn’t let her disintegrate when her family did. She is grateful to them.

Kanta inquires about her well-being. Anupama says she isn’t feeling well, but she will be short. She also mentions that she has a meeting today. Vanraj prepares in his previous avatar. He is proud of his abilities. When getting ready in front of the mirror, Anupama thinks about Anuj. She imagines him with her.

Leela and Hasmukh Congratulate Vanraj for Landing a Well-paying Job

Meanwhile, Barkha is an opportunist. She seaizes control of the Kapadia household. She claims that she has everything in her hands and that she will never lose it. She believes she now owns the house. Vanraj prints the offer letter to display to his family as a piece of good news.

Anupama misses Anuj. Anuj has hiccups and sips water. He is aware that Anupama misses him. Anupama says that while Anuj is away from her, her love for him would never fade. She is concerned about him and hopes he remains healthy and happy. She considers approaching Anu.

Vanraj summons the family. Kavya inquires as to what the matter is. He informs them that he has received a large offer from his dream company. He announces that he has returned to the business. His family is delighted for him. He promises that he will work hard and earn a lot of money, that he will support his family, and that everything will be well.

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He wishes Paritosh well and promises him a wonderful career. Leela and Hasmukh congratulate Vanraj for landing a well-paying job. Kavya congratulates Vanraj and tells him that he deserved it. Vanraj says he can finally say it: Vanraj Shah is back. Maya arrives at Anuj’s apartment to meet him. He asks about Anu.

She informs him that Anu will not be arriving to meet him today. He becomes enraged. Anupama informs Kanta that she will make a fresh start today. She wants Bhavesh to be her shield, not her support. She is subjected to taunts from her neighbor. Anuj expresses a desire to meet Anu.

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Maya expresses her dissatisfaction with seeing Anuj in such a state. She buys him a grooming kit. She claims that if Anu notices him distressed, she will sense Anupama and his issues. She invites him to freshen up and come with her; they will go out and clear his thoughts.

She manipulates him. She asserts that children require both parents. Later, Anupama arrives at the dance academy, where she receives a nice gift from her children. They encourage her and promise her that they will always be there for her. Vanraj finds Anupama in a good mood and films her. He devises a plan to reintroduce Anupama into his life. On the other hand, Anupama contacts Maya to talk with Anu. Maya deceives her and keeps her away from both Anuj and Anu.

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