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Urfi Javed took out the inside of the clothes in front of the paparazzi, various discussions are going on

Urfi Javed galaxy look

urfi javed galaxy look. Fashion sensation aka Javed has created a stir on social media with his latest look. Inspired by the galaxy, Urfi created an outfit that would see her fully embrace herself. Anyone who sees Urfi’s face is stunned.

Now a latest video of Urfi has surfaced on social media which is going viral very fast.

Urfi Javed’s bold and daring style is seen in this video, Arni is seen trying to catch the attention of fans by performing strange actions with the actress. In Urfi Javed’s viral video, you can see that Urfi Javed is his. Comes out of the dress and then puts it back in. However, no one understands what these things are.


Urfi Javed Galaxy Look Instagram


But people are commenting fiercely about this strange style of nickname. While some say it’s wrong to do such a thing in a public place, Urfi’s fans are calling her style cool. Urfi Javed aka Javed is talking about this look, while the actress looked hot in a black strappy. One piece. Urfi completed her look with loud makeup.


Urfi Javed Bo#ld Look


Urfi Javed Strange Photoshoot

With this she made a hair bun, giving her look a more stylish touch Urfi continues to experiment and every pose of Urfi has become a topic of discussion on social media Most of these posts are about news of Urfi’s strange photo shoot.

In fact, Urfi is in the limelight more for his unusual outfits than for his work. Sometimes he makes clothes out of jute sacks, sometimes out of glass and sometimes out of just pictures.

Urfi Javed prepared 2 beauties for 10 rupees and arranged them in front of the camera

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