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Unique Offer: The company is giving free burger-ice cream with the purchase of the phone.

You must have heard a lot about offers like earbuds free while buying a phone, but have you ever heard about offers like burger and ice cream free while buying a phone? You might not have heard about it but a smartphone company has come up with this unique offer for its customers. The smartphone company has partnered with a fast food based company for this offer. Yes, we are talking about Xiaomi which has partnered with McDonald’s to offer free burgers and ice cream to customers who buy Redmi Note 11 series.

The offer was announced exclusively by Xiaomi Turkey, so it is not clear at this time whether the offer will be extended to countries outside the region. The new partnership was officially announced earlier this week. The company has also shared an Instagram post regarding this from its official Turkish account. Details about the promotional offer were also shared in this social media post.

Right now, those buying the Redmi Note 11 series phones in this region will also get a special McDonald’s coupon. Customers can get two burgers as well as an ice cream sundae with these coupons. As of now, it is not known how long this offer will be available in Turkey. So for those who are thinking of buying a new smartphone of Redmi Note 11 series, this offer can make their deal special. The Chinese smartphone maker is expected to launch promotional offers in other regions as well.

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