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Unexpected Twist in Kundali Bhagya Shocks Viewers Next Week!


There will be one fantastic twist in Kundali Bhagya. A dramatic fight sequence between Shaurya and Rajveer in the restaurant will highlight the Luthra brothers’ anger. Rajveer follows Shaurya to the pub, where he is seen having fun with his friends. Shaurya takes the drinks and dances his heart out. He doesn’t even consider one of the persons who were involved in an accident and may have lost their lives as a result of him. Rajveer wishes Shaurya would recognize his mistake. He has no idea Shaurya is the man he saw on the way, the one he chased but couldn’t capture. Here is

Rajveer runs back to the bar to find the owner of the jeep who was guilty of the bus accident. Rajveer is shocked when he sees Shaurya. Shaurya is identified as Karan Luthra’s kid by him. When he recalls the injustice done to Preeta, his rage knows no bounds.

kundali bhagya

Rajveer takes out his anger and frustration on Shaurya. He becomes obsessed with punishing Shaurya. Rajveer contacts the police and makes a complaint against Shaurya. He requests that Shaurya be arrested by the inspector. Shaurya, who is drunk, fights back. He picks up a glass bottle and smashes it over Rajveer’s head.

Rajveer refuses to be quiet. He hurts Shaurya in the same way. Inspector makes an attempt to stop Rajveer. Rajveer, too, breaks a bottle by hitting Shaurya on the head. When the brothers start bashing each other, the argument becomes heated. Inspector intervenes and arrests Shaurya. Rajveer informs Shaurya that he deserves to be punished. Shaurya exacts his vengeance on Rajveer. The big fight between the Lutheran brothers would take place in the upcoming episode.

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