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Ukraine is followed by Finland and Sweden? Russia directly threatened both on the issue of NATO membership


Ukraine has already talked about withdrawing its NATO membership, but now Finland and Sweden are also looking to move forward. Russia has warned both countries not to do so.

Russia has threatened Finland and Sweden directly that the move could increase the risk of instability in Europe if they join NATO. Russia has given a stern warning to both the countries not to take such a step. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that if such a step was taken, it could lead to conflict between the two countries. Let me tell you, what is the story of their big puppies. Russia’s statement comes at a time when the US has called Russia’s attack on Ukraine a “big strategic mistake”. The US has said that Russia’s mistake has given NATO an opportunity to expand.

NATO summit will be held in June

Let us tell you that the NATO summit is to be held in Madrid in June this year. A statement by NATO chief Stoltenberg just ahead of the conference called for a resurgence of political and strategic tensions. Stoltenberg says. This can be possible only if both the countries join NATO. According to him, if he wants this, then his process can be completed soon. It is also believed that both the countries can take a decision on NATO’s statement soon.

NATO issue led to war with Ukraine

NATO was the biggest cause of war between Ukraine and Russia. The war continues for another month, forcing more than four million people to live as refugees. At the same time, the effect of this war is not limited to this, but it has increased the demand for oil and gas around the world.

Prices have skyrocketed. In addition, there is a shortage of food in the neighboring countries of Ukraine as well. In that case, if Finland and Sweden take further steps towards NATO membership, Russia will treat them as it did with Ukraine. However, now Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he has put the issue of NATO membership in cold storage. His statement clearly means that he is not going with NATO. Despite this, the war waged by Russia is not over yet. Meanwhile, several rounds of talks have taken place between the two countries.

So far, Finland and Sweden have maintained a neutral policy.

Finland and Sweden have maintained a policy of neutrality since the Cold War. Finland, on the other hand, is the happiest country in the world. Both countries joined the European Union in 1995. The statement of the Prime Minister of Finland regarding NATO is considered very special. A few days ago he said that Russia is different from his thinking. With changing times, relations with Russia are also changing and are not expected to remain so. He expressed concern over the future security of his country. He also announced his intention to join NATO while maintaining the sovereignty of his country. He said Finland would make a decision ahead of the NATO summit in June.

In the changing times, the policy of both the countries has changed.

Finland was once part of Sweden. As far as Russia and Finland are concerned, there was a Finnish war between the two over the rights of the Baltic Sea in 1808–1809. The battle ended with a settlement, after which about a third of Sweden was lost. The agreement is also considered the worst in the history of Sweden. Finland became independent from Russia in 1917. Speaking of NATO, if Finland becomes a member, Sweden will follow suit. Swedish Democrat leader Yemi Oksen has announced this. The party has so far been opposed to joining NATO. Okasin says he has changed his mind about the crisis in Ukraine. Ukraine is currently isolated from NATO.



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