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Twitter Fired Employees Who Worked to Battle the Spread of Fake News

Employees of the company Twitter who were engaged in content moderation and struggled with the spread of false information within the social network with the same name were subjected to a widespread reduction in their number of hours worked. The NBC channel announced this on Friday, citing former Twitter employees.

According to the channel’s sources, many people were fired from teams that oversee the direction of trends on Twitter, as well as those responsible for the “health of users,” moderating content and ensuring the site’s normal operation. Two former employees and one current employee told NBC that layoffs in these structures could lead to “chaos” in the run-up to the US Congress midterm elections.

The cuts impacted many people who attempted to prevent the distribution of prohibited content on social network, including hate speech and user bullying. Furthermore, there is no longer a team of social media curators who post counter-information. As a result of the mass layoffs, Musk will have a “company without employees,” according to a CNBC source.

CNN had reported earlier that Twitter had started firing employees. According to the sources of the channel, by the morning of Friday, employees of Twitter who were responsible for a variety of tasks, including marketing, public relations, monitoring the operation of artificial intelligence systems, checking data for reliability, as well as employees from other departments, had received notices of dismissal. It was also reported that Twitter’s Indian office is being downsized by more than 50%.

CNN reported that there is currently a lack of transparency regarding the percentage of Twitter employees who will be affected by upcoming layoffs. The company employs approximately 7.5 thousand people in total.

You may remember that prior to buying Twitter, Elon Musk made several statements suggesting that the price of the social network is exaggerated, and that the data on the number of real users does not correspond to reality because there are a lot of fake accounts on the social network.

However, after purchasing Twitter, he declared the social network a “collective cybernetic superintelligence” and reduced the number of people fighting the spread of fakes.

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