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Try these methods to increase the mileage of your car, you will save thousands of rupees

Today we will give you some such tips with the help of which you can increase the mileage of your car and save thousands of rupees in your monthly expenses.

Rising fuel prices have affected our pockets. The fuel once available at Rs 70 per liter has now crossed Rs 100. The common man is completely upset. We cannot reduce the prices, but by keeping some things in mind, we can definitely increase the mileage of our car. You too can save thousands of rupees on your monthly expenses by adopting these tips. So let’s know about all those tricks using which you can increase the mileage of your car.

Get your car serviced on time
If you take good care of your car, then in return your car will also give you good performance. During servicing, the engine of the car is lubricated and its engine oil is also changed. This not only keeps the engine smooth but also keeps it warm. This will allow you to get more mileage out of your car. Keep in mind that you should get your car serviced every 10 thousand kilometers.

control your speed
Driving their car at a controlled speed, a sudden decrease in speed and increase in speed puts pressure on their engine. Take care to drive your car 40-50 in the city and keep your speed between 80-100 while driving on the highway. How and at what speed you drive your car has a big impact on mileage.

Use clutch only when necessary
Do not use the clutch unnecessarily while driving. Using the clutch consumes more fuel. Excessive pressure on the clutch can also damage the clutch plate. Keep in mind that the speed of the vehicle should be kept according to its gear. Do not over race the engine in low gear. This has a profound effect on both the clutch and the engine.

turn off your engine in traffic
Whenever a vehicle is stopped at a traffic signal, watch the countdown running in front, if it shows more than 28 seconds then turn off your engine. This will save fuel in your car.

keep checking tire pressure
If there is one thing we ignore the most, it is the pressure of our tires. We check tire pressure once and then forget. This can be harmful to both our cars and tyres. Check your tire pressure at least every 15 days. When there is less air in the tires, the engine also has to exert more force to pull the vehicle and this directly affects the mileage.

bonus tip
Whenever you take your car out, know the traffic condition of that road. If you see more traffic, change your route and use another route. This will save both time and fuel. Often you must have seen the traffic alert feature in your car. You can also track traffic using Google Maps.

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