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Try cucumber soup in summer, learn how to make it


Try cucumber soup in summer, learn how to make it

Cucumber soup: Foods rich in water are used more to stay hydrated in summers. It also includes cucumbers. You can also use cucumber in the form of soup.

People feel very lethargic and tired during the hot sun and summer days. In such a situation, we consume many types of foods rich in water to stay hydrated. This includes a variety of foods such as cucumber and watermelon. We get energy by consuming it. They help to boost our immune system. They work to relieve fatigue. You can also eat cucumber in the form of soup in summer. It serves to cool you down. It is very easy to make this soup. It is very tasty. It is also very healthy (cucumber). Kids will love this soup. Let us know how to make it.Chilled Cucumber Soup |  Recipe |  Summer Soup Recipes, Cucumber Soup Recipes, Cold Soup Recipes

Ingredients for Cucumber Soup
4 medium sized saline

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup mint leaves

1 cup thick curd

1/2 cup milk

1 green chili

2 tbsp olive oil

salt to taste

black pepper to taste

How to make Cucumber Soup
step 1

To make this soup, first cut the cucumber into cubes.

Phase 2

After that cut the garlic cloves.

step 3

Put the cucumber cubes in a blender and blend lightly.

step 4

Then add garlic, 1/4 cup mint, green chillies, condensed curd and 1/2 cup milk in a blender.

Step – 5cold cucumber soup

After this add 2 teaspoons of olive oil and salt and pepper as per taste.

Step – 6

Now mix all the ingredients until you get a mixture.

Step – 7

You can pour this mixture directly from the blender into your bowl. You can also filter this soup.

Step – 8

Put the soup in the fridge for an hour or two before serving.

Step – 9

Place the soup in a serving bowl. Garnish with extra virgin olive oil or mint leaves and enjoy.

health benefits of cucumber
Cucumbers are rich in vitamins C and K, potassium, magnesium, zinc, flavonoids, antioxidants and phosphorus. This is very beneficial for health. It helps in keeping our digestive system healthy. It gives relief from the problem of constipation. It has very few calories. This helps you to lose weight. It detoxifies the body. It maintains water balance in the body in summer. This keeps the liver healthy.



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