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Trump’s Indictment: Unveiling the Facts and Preserving an Open Mind


The indictment against President Trump must be a robust case of obstruction of justice, comparable to the one against Richard Nixon. Anything less would seem like a biased double standard.

Throughout American history, there has never been a situation where the incumbent President’s administration indicted the leading candidate seeking to replace them.

It is the responsibility of this administration to demonstrate that the case against Trump is exceptionally strong, to the extent that not pursuing it would be a grave injustice.

The evidence must be far more compelling than the cases that were not pursued against Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Sandy Berger, and Mike Pence. If the case meets this high standard, there would be no grounds for complaint.

However, if it falls short, the indictment of Donald Trump would seriously undermine the impartiality of America’s rule of law. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly examine the indictment, the facts, and the applicable laws. We should avoid hasty judgments from either side and ensure that a rigorous test is applied when indicting a presidential candidate.

The determination of who becomes President should rest with the voters, not prosecutors, judges, or jurors. If there is any doubt about whether a serious crime has been committed by a candidate, the voters should resolve that doubt. It should not be left to prosecutors from an administration that the indicted candidate is attempting to replace.

The burden is heavy on the Biden administration to demonstrate that they had no other option but to prosecute Trump. While this case may meet a high standard, citizens have the right to be skeptical. It is worth noting that President Nixon resigned not solely because Democrats demanded it but also due to pressure from fellow Republicans.

The indictment against Trump must be compelling enough to garner bipartisan support, similar to the circumstances that led to Nixon’s resignation. Admittedly, times have changed since then, and the nation has become more polarized. However, there are reasonable Republicans and Democrats who do not align with the extreme partisanship prevalent in today’s politics.

Let’s observe whether moderate Republicans endorse this indictment. In my book “Get Trump,” I predicted that he would not be indicted merely for possessing classified material without authorization since many Democrats have also been guilty of the same offense.

My prediction was that if he were to be indicted, it would be for process crimes such as obstruction of justice.

It is essential to understand that obstruction of justice entails more than simply refusing to cooperate with prosecutors. President Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence, to their credit, cooperated when it was discovered that they had unauthorized possession of classified material. However, Trump’s failure to do so does not automatically constitute a crime.

The Constitution empowers individuals under criminal investigation to decline cooperation with prosecutors and even impede their efforts through constitutionally sanctioned means, such as invoking the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.

Whether Trump crossed the line into unlawfully obstructive behavior beyond these rights is a matter of evidence that we are not privy to.

Therefore, let us all maintain an open mind until all the facts are revealed while remaining skeptical about an incumbent administration prosecuting the leading candidate seeking to replace them in the upcoming election.

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