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Trace the case of money-smuggling husband’s wife


In Bareilly, UP, a case of prostitution by a wife in the greed of money has come to the fore. The woman has alleged that the gambling husband forcibly took money from people to join the prostitution trade and beat them up when they protested. When he protested further, he took him hostage in a village under Badaun police station area. Somehow information was given to Bareilly One Stop Sakhi Center, after which the team went to Badaun and took the woman away from there. In this case, the police has registered a complaint against the accused husband. Police is investigating the case.

Husband addicted to gambling and alcohol
In fact, a woman living in the colony of the Thana area told that she was married about 19 years ago. Her husband is a gambler of alcohol. Whatever was received in the marriage was spent on alcohol and gambling. After that everything was over, so he also sold his wife’s mangalsutra. Even after this, due to lack of money, he got his wife involved in prostitution. He took money from people and forcibly locked his wife in a room and sent people to her. It is alleged that the attacker hit him in front of a police station sometime after noon. And the people inside were forcibly raping her.

She kept shouting, her husband was saying that she had to run home.
The woman alleges that whenever she used to take money, she used to send people to the room. After that he raped her. If the woman used to cry and beg, the husband would say that everything has to be done to run the house. It is alleged that the husband also said that if he did not do so, he would kill her.

Threatened to sell house and beg children
The victim alleged that she started threatening to sell the house and begging the children when she protested, alleging that she has also lodged complaints with Kent and Subhash Nagar police stations. But no one listened to him.

He was taken hostage on 20 January
The victim alleged that for not obeying the police, her accused husband along with 8-10 others forcibly picked her up and took her in an ambulance on January 20 and took her hostage in Kunwargaon police station area of ​​Badaun. After this, the woman somehow informed the District Provisioning Officer, Bareilly. After this the team of One Stop Center went there and rescued him. At present, Subhash Nagar Police has registered a report in this regard. Further investigation is going on.



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