November 29, 2022
Too much turmeric can do more harm than good, learn how

Rich in medicinal properties, turmeric has been used for many years as a remedy for various health problems. It is used to add flavor to various foods. On the other hand, drinks like turmeric milk, turmeric water and turmeric decoction are taken to boost immunity. We always hear about its health benefits, but sometimes excessive consumption of turmeric can cause side effects.

Too much turmeric can do more harm than good, learn how

Too much turmeric can do more harm than good, learn how

Compounds like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties present in this super food help fight disease-causing free radicals. However, you all know that too much of anything can be bad for you. The same applies to turmeric. If you drink turmeric water unknowingly, it can unbalance your digestive system and cause skin problems

  • . So let’s find out how drinking too much turmeric water can be harmful to health.

stomach problems

Excessive consumption of turmeric can make your stomach bloated. At the same time, a study published by the National Library of Medicine found that consuming large amounts of turmeric increased the likelihood of problems such as abdominal pain and cramps. Not only this, problems like bloating and acid reflux can also occur. So, take only the prescribed amount of turmeric.

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Kidney stones can be a problem

Turmeric contains oxalates which increase the chances of kidney stones. Insoluble calcium binds to calcium oxalate. Which can be the primary cause of kidney stones.

Risk of skin rash

According to data published by PubMed Central, excessive use of turmeric can cause skin rashes. However, such situations are quite rare.

Headache and restlessness

According to PubMed Central, consuming too much turmeric in food can cause headaches and feelings of restlessness. However, there were many people who showed no such symptoms. But according to research done, many people experienced headaches and restlessness due to excessive consumption of turmeric.

Risk of allergic reactions

Some compounds present in turmeric can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems and skin irritation. Apart from being important for health, its excessive consumption can cause many health risks. So try to limit the consumption of turmeric.

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