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Todd Chrisley Gets 12 Years in Prison for Bank Fraud, and Julie Gets 7 Years

After being found guilty on various counts of tax fraud in June, the cast members of “Chrisley Knows Best” will be sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison for their fraudulent activities.

The allegations of tax fraud brought against Todd and Julie Chrisley were heard in court on November 21 and both of them were sentenced to numerous years in jail for their actions. According to TMZ, Todd, who is 53 years old, was handed a sentence of 12 years in jail, while Julie, who is 49 years old, received a term of 7 years.

Additionally, each of them was given a probationary period of sixteen months. The verdict was handed down around five months after the Chrisley Knows Best cast members were convicted guilty of all charges in June.

According to Insider, the couple’s accountant, Peter Tarantino, was sentenced to a total of 36 months in prison after being found guilty of committing tax fraud. The representatives for both Todd and Julie have been contacted by HollywoodLife. As of the time, this article was written, they have not provided any form of public response to their sentence.

Mark Braddock, a former business associate of the couple who was also involved in the plan, notified tax officials and later prosecutors about the pair’s decades-long criminal activity, which led to the discovery of the fraud.

Todd was found guilty in June of plotting to commit bank fraud, plotting to defraud the U.S., bank fraud, and tax fraud. Julie was found guilty of tax fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the U.S.

For their crimes, the two could have gone to prison for up to 30 years. ABC News says that prosecutors wanted Todd to get up to 22 years in prison and Julie to get about 12 and a half years. The couple’s lawyers asked for Todd to get 9 years or less in prison and for Julie to get probation.

The two were “very nervous and emotional,”, especially before Thanksgiving. The insider said, “This could be one of the best holiday seasons they’ve ever had, or it could be one of the hardest ones they’ve ever had.” “This whole thing has brought them closer together, and they’ve been leaning on each other for emotional support.”

Julie and Todd were also worried about how the outcome would affect their kids. The couple has three children: Savannah, who is 26, Chase, who is also 26, and Grayson, who is 16 and was in a car accident this weekend. Todd’s first wife gave him a daughter, Lindsie, who is 33, and a son, Kyle, who is 31. Julie and Todd are also Chloe, Kyle’s 10-year-old daughter’s legal guardians.

When the verdict was first announced, a source close to the family told HollywoodLife that they were “stunned” and planned to appeal. “ Todd and Julie, along with their kids Savannah, Chase, Grayson, Lindsie, and Kyle, are just crushed by the verdict.

During this hard time, they are all leaning on each other for help,” they said. “They are thankful that they can stay at home while they wait to be sentenced, but they are so busy that it will be hard for them to stay at home all the time.”

After the verdict came out, Todd talked briefly about it on his podcast, Chrisley Confessions, and thanked fans for their support.

“We wanted everyone to know that our family is going through a very sad and heartbreaking time right now. “But we still believe in God and trust that he will do what he does because we know God can do miracles, and that’s what we’re waiting for,” he said.

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