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To make Mars auspicious in the horoscope, do these important measures and chant these mantras.

We have information about almost every planet. It is difficult to know which dosha is in which horoscope and which planet has more influence. If a person has Mangal dosha in his horoscope, then his marriage is often hindered.

But in many ancient scriptures, remedies have been given to avoid it, which help to overcome all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. They are worshiped, due to which the problem of Mangal Dosh gets removed from the life of the person. Today we are going to tell you about the planet Mars, which is very important to be auspicious in our horoscope, otherwise many problems may arise.

So let’s know about the ways to make Mars auspicious and about two mantras. The number of chants is at least 10,000 (10 thousand). In Kali Yuga, there is a narration of chanting 4 times and performing Dashansh Havan. By chanting this mantra in this way, Mars remains auspicious in the horoscope of any person.

Materials for donation – Red cloth, jaggery, red flowers, copper, blood sandalwood, lentils etc. All these ingredients are made into a bundle wrapped in red cloth and then immediately offered to the temple or immersed in running water. There are also some essential rules for performing this charity and worship. Donation time: – Do it throughout the day except 2 hours from sunrise.

Medicinal bath:- Bathing with water made of blood sandalwood, red flowers and asafetida. Image Source Other useful remedies to reduce inauspicious effects: 1. Put 50 grams of Patash in running water on Tuesday. , Do not accept gifts from anyone on Tuesday. , On Tuesday, offer vermilion to Hanuman ji and recite Hanuman Chalisa.

, Don’t wear red , Worship regularly by writing Mangal Yantra on a copper leaf or a gold leaf. By doing these 5 measures, the inauspicious effect of Mars will be removed from the horoscope of any person and Mars will do auspicious work.

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