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Tired of the short range of electric cars? Increase your EV range by following these tips


The craze of electric vehicles is increasing day by day due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel. There are a number of great electric vehicles launched in the country that promise a wide range of features along with great features. However, many times the customers are not able to get such a range, due to which there is a problem. If you also have an electric car and you are troubled by its low range, then now you do not need to worry much, because today we are going to tell you 4 easy ways by which you can increase the range of your car.

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Maintain tire air pressure
Tire pressure is very important for any electric car, if it is not done then the pressure on the car’s motor increases and the battery drains quickly. You should avoid doing this.

do not overload
Overloading has a direct effect on the battery and this can cause the battery to run down quickly, so try to sit in the car to the capacity while traveling, so as not to overload. Overloading increases the pressure on the motor of the car.

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Do not park the car in the sun
Electric cars attract the most attention in the summer, because of the years-long feud between the sun and the battery. High temperatures can damage battery backup, which is why heat can be a problem for electric car battery backups, so you should avoid parking your car in the sun.

Do not drive the e-car at high speed
Nowadays EV cars have very good top speed, so keep the car speed a little slow as per your convenience, avoid driving the car at top speed, because as you have to drive the car at top speed, battery is consumed. is too much. starts happening. In this case, your car only offers half the range. In such a situation, you should avoid driving at high speed.



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