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Tina Datta’s ‘Paap Ka Ghada’ is Broken by Sumbul Touqeer in Bigg Boss 16: ‘Aap Kissi Ke Parivaar Pe Nahi Jaa Sakte,’ She Says. Watch

Sumbul Touqeer threw dirty water on Tina Datta after she committed the most’sins’ in the Bigg Boss house. She yelled at Tina for always bringing up her family as a topic of conversation in their conversations.

In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss, the housemates were given a new task. The inmates were supposed to throw dirty water on the Bigg Boss house contestants who had committed the most sins. Sumbul Touqeer chose Tina Datta to bring up her family as a topic of conversation at home.

Priyanka Choudhary threw blackish water on Archana Gautam for constantly interfering in other people’s work and causing a commotion while she was supposed to be doing her own. Shiv Thakare chose Shalin Bhanot for slandering him in front of the other contestants.


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The promo began with Bigg Boss asking contestants to name those who had committed numerous sins in the house. For the task, the housemates gathered in the garden area. Priyanka chose Archana and said, “Harr kissi ke kaam mai ungli karna inki addat hai, chahe woh koi bhi kaam ho aur apne kaam pe jab baat aati hai toh inke alag se drame shuru hojaate hai” (She interferes in other people’s tasks and causes a ruckus when Priyanka poured dirty water into an earthen pot and poured it over Archana.

Sumbul poured water over Tina and Vikas Manaktala in two pots. While pouring water on Tina, Sumbul said, “Aap agar ek jagah point out kar rahe ho ki aap kissi ke ghar pe nahi jaa sakte ho, kissi ke parivaar pe nahi jaa sakte ho toh bhai aap bhi nahi jaa sakte ho (If you point out someone for bringing family as Soundarya Sharma chose Priyanka to gain the trust of the inmates in the house. Archana chose Vikas to pit housemates against one another.

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Bigg Boss is currently in its 16th season and airs Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. ColorsTV airs the show on Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. Salman Khan, who joined the reality show in its fourth season, hosts the show. He’s been the host for the past eight years. Popular contestants on the reality show include actors Shiv, Sumbul, Tina, Shalin, and singer Abdu Rozik, among others.

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