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Those who drink cold water after eating should be careful, it is harmful to health

Those who drink cold water after eating should be careful, it is harmful to health

If you are one of those people who sit down with cold water during meals, change this habit immediately. Yes, the habit of drinking cold water can harm your health. Drinking cold water has a bad effect on your digestion and weakens your immune system.

Those who drink cold water after eating should be careful, it is harmful to health

Not only that, drinking cold water also damages the gall bladder. In fact, our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. This is why water at a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius is perfect for our body. Drinking water colder than this is harmful. Let’s find out what are the health hazards of drinking extra cold water.

Dangers of drinking cold water

Disadvantages of drinking cold water

1. Constipation problem

Drinking cold water can worsen your constipation problem. In fact, cold water goes to the stomach and hardens the stool, and going to the washroom for heat stroke is a problem. Drinking too much cold water also constricts the colon, which is the main cause of constipation. Those who suffer from frequent constipation should avoid drinking cold water.

2. Risk of heart attack – Is drinking cold water bad for your heart?

The habit of drinking cold water after eating can be dangerous for your heart. A scientific study has revealed that drinking cold water after a meal increases the risk of heart attack. An international team of scientists conducted this study on people in China and Japan. People in China and Japan do not drink cold water after eating. These people drink hot tea after meals. Researchers found that the risk of heart attack in these people was negligible.


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3. Fats make cold water

When cold water mixes with food and comes in contact with stomach acid, it turns into fat. Which can cause many serious problems.

4. saliva problem

If you drink cold water after eating, mucus accumulates in the body. Along with this, your immune system also starts to decrease. Due to which the risk of catching cold increases. For this reason, never drink cold water after a meal.

5. Power runs out

Drinking cold water slows down the body’s metabolism and the body does not have the ability to do more work. A major reason for this is that cold water does not flush out fat from the body, causing the body to become sluggish and energy levels to drop.

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