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This mini printer is the size of a palm, priced so low you’ll book right away

If you also need to take small prints for your office projects or children’s education, then you no longer need to go to the nearest printing shop. We are saying this because now a printer has come in the market which can print in the blink of an eye. Its biggest feature is its size which is so small that this printer can even fit in your palm.

The pocket size printer we are talking about is called Leopo Wireless Bluetooth Printer. Customers can buy it from the online shopping site Amazon. Most of the customers who buy this printer are attracted by its size. In fact, there are very few printers on the market that perform well despite being so small. This printer connects to your smartphone, then you can install the app and use it.

Talking about the price, customers can buy Leopo Wireless Bluetooth Printer from Amazon for just Rs 5,899. However, it does not have an actual price on this website. Talking about the actual price, it is Rs 7,599, but customers are getting a huge discount of 22 percent on it, after which you can buy it at such a low price.

The design of this printer is very strong as well as very light. Even if it falls out of your hand, it won’t hurt except for a few scratches, so there’s no need to do this if you’re afraid to take it outside. If you have school going kids in your house whom you are thinking of gifting then buying this printer can prove to be a good option. This printer looks like a Polaroid camera but is actually a printer.

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