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This is an effective way of getting children for childless couples.

It is said that a woman is fulfilled by becoming a mother, after becoming a mother her life becomes successful because the happiness of the child is the greatest happiness in the world. But many married couples are longing for this happiness because due to some reason their dream is not fulfilled. So today we have brought this article for the same childless couple, in which we will tell you some easy ways to get children.

Remove parental guilt: Sometimes parental guilt deprives some couples of the joy of having children. For this it becomes very important to rectify this mistake. For the fact that you did not properly perform any rituals at the funeral of one of your ancestors, you should pay tribute to your ancestors with full ritual narration in the Patriarchate. It is said to be the best way to get a child.

Peace of Rahu Ketu: If the position of Rahu Ketu is inauspicious in the horoscope then it will have negative effect on your life which will ruin your work, delay in getting auspicious results and you may have to face many such difficulties. Apart from this, if the relation of both with other planets is not good, then there is a hindrance in getting children. Therefore, for his peace, do as much philanthropic work as possible, such as charity, virtue etc. Chant these mantras also for peace. To pacify Rahu, chant the mantra Bhram Bhram Bhram Bhram Sah Rahave Namah. To pacify Ketu, chant the mantra Om Stram Stron Saah Ketve Namah.

Worship of Jupiter: Even if the position of Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, there can be a hindrance in getting a child. For this it is necessary that Jupiter should be the first person to please the Lord. To strengthen the weak Jupiter in the horoscope, worship should be done on Thursday. By donating jaggery to the poor on this day, every wish gets fulfilled soon. At the same time, Jupiter should be worshiped with these mantras on every Thursday. Devanam cha rishina cha guru kanchansannibham. Buddhibhootam Trilokesham Tama Namami Brihaspati. Om Gran Green Gran Sa: Gurve Namah. Hi Gurve Namah. Brin Thursday hello.

Worship Bal Gopal: If you want children soon, then soon install the idol of Bal Gopal in your house. If you cannot install the idol then worship the photo of Bal Gopal daily. If both husband and wife worship it together then your mental work will be completed soon. You feed Bal Gopal something sweet every day and serve and take care of him like a child. Remember, if you keep Bal Gopal in the house, do not forget to worship him daily.

Please Skanda Mata: Skanda Mata is one of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. She is also called the mother of children. In this form of mother, Lord Kartik is seated in the lap of mother. Worshiping Skanda Mata daily brings blessings of the mother. For this, worship Kartik ji with this goddess on the day of Shashthi. This will remove all the problems that come in your way.

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