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This iPhone Black Dot Isn’t Useless, It Does Millions of Things for Free

This iPhone Black Dot Isn't Useless, It Does Millions of Things for Free

iPhone is very popular all over the world including India. The reason behind this is their strong processing speed and other features including cameras that make customers go crazy for them.

The design of the iPhone is also quite unique. Let us tell you that every iPhone includes all such features that meet the needs of the users. iPhone users are not even aware of some of these features. Today we are going to tell you about such a feature which can do your work for lakhs of rupees for free.

This iPhone Black Dot Isn’t Useless, It Does Millions of Things for Free

Let us tell you that in the top models of iPhone, you can get to see a black dot near the camera setup which looks like a camera. Although it works differently from black dot cameras.

Actually this black dot is actually a 3D scanner. This 3D scanner already comes bundled with the iPhone, which is not available in many branded smartphones. You probably cannot imagine how important it is, but using it can save lakhs of rupees.

3D scanners are used in various professions. It may not be of any use to the common man, but some people need it daily. Let us tell you that this feature can be very useful for designers and artists as well as sculptors of any kind. It can scan your design or model in three dimensions and create a 3D image of it.

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You can use this feature with the help of a special app. You have to download the app once and then go to the specific size you want to scan. You have to scan that shape slowly from all sides. It works the same way you make videos.

You’ll need to point the iPhone’s rear camera at the object and rotate it. After this, the 3D image of that shape is saved in the iPhone. Usually if you outsource this work then you may have to spend lakhs of rupees for this.

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