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This idol of Hanumanji should not be kept in the house even by mistake, worshiping it does not give proper results.

Worshiping Hanumanji removes all the troubles and troubles of life. It is very easy to please Hanumanji and the devotee who takes the name of Bajrangbali with a sincere heart becomes the grace of Bajrangbali. Tuesday is considered as the day of Hanumanji and worship should be done on this day. Not only this, oil lamp should also be lit in front of Hanumanji on Tuesday. By doing lamp, every problem in life gets removed.

Worship Hanumanji like this: On Tuesday, wear red clothes on Hanumanji and after wearing that cloth, recite Hanuman Chalisa. When there is any crisis in life, then offer vermilion to Hanumanji. By offering vermilion, Hanumanji removes the calamity that comes upon you. Worshiping Hanumanji can also save you from the wrath of Shani Dev.

Just light a lamp in front of Hanumanji in the evening on Saturday and donate anything black. In case of bad dreams, bring the vermilion offered to Hanumanji to your home and fill this vermilion in a box and keep it under the bed. By doing this you will stop having nightmares.

When you feel negative energy around you, chant the name of Hanumanji. The picture or idol of Hanumanji is also kept in the house. It is very important to know which picture of Hanumanji should be kept in the house and which picture should not be kept.

Do not keep this kind of picture in the house: Never keep any idol or picture in the house tearing Hanumanji’s chest. You should not keep the picture of Hanumanji flying with Sanjeevani in your house. One should not worship the idol of Hanumanji while fighting the demons and should not keep that idol in the house. The picture in which Hanumanji holds Lord Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulder should not be kept in the house. Apart from this, the picture of Lanka Dahan by Hanumanji should also not be kept in the house.

You can keep this kind of picture of Hanumanji in the house: You can keep the picture in which Hanumanji is sitting in your house. Keeping a picture of Hanuman ji hugging Ramji in the house keeps the love between the people of the house. That’s why you can put this picture of Ram and Hanumanji in your house. If Hanumanji is in a very calm posture in the picture, then you can also place the picture in your home.

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